Double Layer 4 Axis CNC Machine

Double Layer 4 Axis CNC Machine for Sale

EPS Double Layer 4 Axis CNC Machine, the spindle can swing 180 °, optional 8 linear tool changers can be selected to meet the needs of different processing technologies, full-scale 3D engraving, and curved surface processing is available, also known as foam CNC router machine, mold CNC router machine, EPS CNC carving machine.

A CNC (computer numerical control) router is a machine built for cutting and carving materials. Basic CNC routers work along three axes of movement, just like a 3D printer. This includes the forward-backward axis (X), the side-to-side axis (Y), and the up-down axis (Z).

Double Layer 4 Axis CNC Machine

4-axis CNC router

The 4-axis router has all the same axes as a 3-axis router plus the additional A-axis that rotates the spindle around the X-axis up to 180 degrees during the cutting process.

This rotational axis allows cuts to be executed on multiple sides of the workpiece without resetting, while a 3-axis router can only perform cuts to one side of the same piece at a time. 4-axis CNC routers are the preferred method for advanced, intricate cuts and carvings like those often seen in furniture, musical instruments, cabinetry, and more.

Advantages of the Double Layer 4 Axis CNC Cutter

1.Four-axis machinery presents advantages over other three-axis machines – being used for intermittent cutting, continuous cutting or engraving curved services. Additional benefits of four-axis CNC machines include:

2.Higher Accuracy:Four-axis CNC machinery provides multiple faces to access without moving the piece out of a fixture, producing highly accurate features. This level of accuracy results in less scrap and a rise in profits.

3.Achieve Complexity in Part Designs:The most common reason to utilize such a machine is the ability to accomplish complex parts. Four-axis machinery, built for detailed work, can access odd angles without designing complicated fixturing.

4.Faster Part Production Time:Cycle time per part is reduced due to collective operations being performed in a single clamping. Four-axis does not have to be stopped to turn the part in the fixture, meaning no downtime to change tooling or having an operator to rotate the component manually.

5.Four-axis CNC machines can be used for different purposes, including creating art, medical equipment, advertising design, teaching, technology research, industrial parts, prototype building and more.

Double Layer 4 Axis CNC Machine4 Axis Foam Mold Engraving Machine

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