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Six popular nesting CNC router machine recommended

We all know that nesting CNC router machine are very popular in the furniture production line industry. Whether you are making a cabinet door or a cabinet body, you must need nesting CNC router machine. However, different types of nesting CNC router machine have different machining functions and their appropriate production. Whether you are a new user who will purchase a nested number of machines or an old user who intends to replace the production equipment. You can’t miss this article.

MO.1 Nesting CNC router machine with drilling head

Nesting CNC router machine with drilling head is a CNC cutting machine with higher performance. The machine can achieve cutting, drilling, slots, and other processing techniques of panel furniture. This model can complete ordinary three-in-one cut and perforated. It can also open the crescent hole. In addition, it meets the requirements of modern panel furniture. Therefore, its use can not only improve the production and processing accuracy and efficiency of panel furniture.

It also saves production costs. The non-porous process with a ribbon bag with a fully automatic edge banding machine, a side hole rig, software disassembly and a computer control system. All of this can realize automatic production of panel furniture, saving labor costs, and improving economic benefits.

Nesting CNC Router Machine with drilling head 

This automatic furniture machine is an ATC CNC router with an automatic feed system. This nesting machine is ideal for mass production in the furniture industry.




The following is the function of this nesting CNC router machine:

  1. Use linear tool changes and special saw blade spindles to effectively save tools. It has the advantages of high processing efficiency and good stability.
  2. New large square tube seamless welding beds are processed by five-sided milling. The widening square tubes can also improve the strength of the bed and the surface surface.
  3. The XY axis uses a spiral, the Z-axis is used in Taiwan TBI ball screws, which has high precision.
  4. The configuration of the double bag vacuum cleaner is more environmentally friendly. Push the material dust removal device, use secondary dust removal function, so that the panel furniture production is more environmentally friendly, allowing workers to be healthy. 5. Replace the vacuum adsorption desktop, which is more convenient to replace the surface of the embedded part. Replace the liner, non-wiper and glued, which increases the accuracy of the countertop. In addition, it prevents leaks and air leaks between the regions and improves adsorption.
  5. Automatic Tool Set the instrument to automatically adjust the initial position of the knife and the position of the object to engrave the machine accurately engrave the knife.
  6. The automatic lubrication system operates more smoothly. It also reduces machine wear and prolongs the service life of the CNC nestingmachine.

NO.2  4 Process nesting CNC router machine

4 Process nesting CNC router machine are an economical efficient machine. This type of CNC machine is equipped with four spindles, and different spindles can achieve precise cutting and drilling. Therefore, the production intelligence, more efficient, and less labor-saving manufacturing panel furniture.

4 process nesting CNC router

This CNC wood engraving machine has a double area, which means you can prepare more double material on the table. When this nesting CNC router works on the other side, you can load or uninstall on one side.




The following is the function of the 4 Process nesting CNC router machine:

  1. Together with the split software, it can automatically position. And also optimize processing functions such as cutting, stamping, and tensile grooves.
  2. x, the Y-axis is used with a screw holder, the Z-axis is used in Taiwan TBI ball screw, high precision and more durable.
  3. The use of steel mobile phone gantry has high precision. It can carry a lot of weight and easy to operate.
  4. All three-axis use the original linear square rail with good stability, long-term service time and high precision.
  5. Adopt A 7 district vacuum adsorption table, 6 positioning cylinders, custom embedded parts absorb the bottom plate. It can quickly replace the bottom plate without glue, more convenient import device.
  6. Use the servo motor to be more stable.
  7. Automatic tool settings make processing more accurate.

NO.3  Nesting CNC router machine with dual working table

Double worktable nesting CNC router processing center suitable for production panel furniture, cabinet door, closet door, sliding door, soft bag, office furniture, wooden door, solid wood door, solid wood door, composite door, free paint door, etc. is a good choice for furniture production . As the name suggests, the nested CNC cutting machine is a special machine cutting with CNC equipment. Mainly the whole house custom furniture in the panel furniture industry. It can complete the blanking, slot, punching and other work of the board. With intelligent order classification software, it can save custom furniture cutting labor and materials. It can also make shaped cutting. The emergence of nesting CNC router allow domestic custom furniture companies to achieve more intelligent control, reduce people’s cost and material control costs.

Linear ATC Nesting CNC Machining Center with double platform

The linear ATC CNC cutting machine uses a two-station machining, which greatly improves efficiency. Two work platforms can implement automatic loading and unloading operations, no idle time, which can increase capacity of 30% -40%.



The main functions are as follows:

Two workbench. Two workbenches can be turned to processes, reduce idle time and save production costs.

  1. The bed is seamlessly welded with a new generous square tube, which has good stability and is not easily deformed.
  2. Understand the positioning. With 5 positioning cylinders, the positioning speed is more convenient.
  3. Taiwan LNC control system with fast data processing speed, high system stability. And it is easy to operate the intelligent system.
  4. Equipped with a promoting device, more convenient, and effort.
  5. Automatic tool settings have high precision and automatically accurately measure the tool, more concise.

NO.4  Linear ATC Nesting CNC Router Machine

Linear ATC CNC Nested Router Machine is a woodworking CNC machine. This is common for panel furniture, cabinets, wardrobes and engraving cabinets. This type of nested CNC router can cut the board, drill, groove, cutting material, and fine engraving. Compared with the front panel saw, there is no burr and smoother. It can handle the block panel, or cut a special shape of the panel, such as the blanking of a deleted corner or arcuate panel. Therefore, this type of nested CNC router machine is also especially suitable for custom furniture of the entire house.

Features are as follows:

  1. You can change the right line tool, you can freely switch multiple tools and more concise.
  2. Use the mobile tool to set the instrument to reduce machine downtime.
  3. The full-page vacuum adsorption table has a strong adsorption, which will not be exhausted during processing.
  4. The new big bed structure is used, the bed is more stable, and the load capacity of the bed is strong.
  5. A key to initiate and stop, locate, and more convenient, increase productivity.
  6. Suitable for panel furniture production lines, cabinet doors, wood carvings, circuit board engraving, engraving and milling, musical instruments, etc.

NO.5 Auto Loading and Uninstalling Nesting CNC Router Machine

After the material is processed, this type of nesting CNC router can automatically push the board from the machining table. Therefore, the operator can take the material. It also enables optimized layout, saving slow working hours and increases production efficiency. Using a vacuum adsorption table, it can handle different sheet shapes. Therefore, this type of nested CNC machine can be fully fully fed, vertical punching, rectangular cutting, heteropathic cutting, time slot, automatic blanking and other processing techniques.

Features are as follows:

  1. 12 Tools Magazines under the dragon gate, effectively improve the speed of the tool change.
  2. For the automatic feeding platform and automatic uninstall platform, it can save load and unload time and high production efficiency.
  3. The overall adsorption table includes 6 regions, suitable for processing various shapes and dimensions, with strong adsorption.
  4. Taiwan LNC system has good stability and can be operated using a handle.
  5. New bed design, powerful stability, long-term processing does not deform.
  6. The guide rail is used in 30/25 square rail, high processing precision. Equipped with hard restrictions, high security.

No.6 Automatic label Nesting CNC Router Machine

This type of CNC nesting machine can pre-identify the board and automatically paste the corresponding barcode on the board by the automatic tag function. Therefore, this nested CNC router has high precision characteristics. It is well known that this type of nested CNC machine can achieve automatic feeding, automatic label, front vertical drilling, slot, special shape processing, and automatic loading and unloading. Equipped with design and ordering of layered software, optimized typography, intelligent control, simple operation, high machining accuracy, low labor cost, improvement of production efficiency.

Nesting CNC Router Machine and automatic label

This 4×8 nested CNC machine tool is mainly used for door and cabinet production. Automatic loading and unloading systems and labeling features can not only save labor and time cost, but also make your woodworking more effectively.


Features are as follows:

  1. To automatic loading and unloading equipment and loading and unloading platforms, it has fast load, saving time, saving efforts and labor cost savings.
  2. Using the Italian HSD drill set, drilling accuracy and speed are significantly faster, and the quality of accessories is better. The row drill package uses 5 + 4, and the nine different sizes of holes, cabinets, cabinets are drilled.
  3. Saw blade tool, which can handle the slot of the invisible connector and a three-in-one connector. It can achieve a panel with a well-proof procedure, with aesthetically pleasing look and good stability.
  4. With the automated tag machine, it can pre-identify the panel and automatically paste the corresponding barcode on the board. Therefore, it has high precision.
  5. The full-page adsorption table has a strong adsorption force. There are 6 areas, which can save electricity to facilitate processing of plates of different shapes without running the board to ensure accuracy.

The above is the machine introduction and function introduction of the most popular Nesting CNC Router Machine and corresponding machine recommendations. Read it after reading the nesting CNC machine machine above, do you know how to choose the correct nested CNC?

First, we should decide if you are doing door panels or cabinets, or door panels and cabinets.

Secondly, if you only make a cabinet, you can choose the 4 process nesting CNC router or drill head nesting CNC router. If you do the door panel, the tool replacement machining center is an ideal choice. Due to different patterns on the door panels, different types of tools need to meet the processing requirements. Typically, a simple door panel modeling may require 4 tools. If the door panel is more complicated or a row of panels, it may take 6-8 knives. Therefore, the tool change machining center with independent tool magazine is the best choice for the door panel.

For all door cabinets, you can choose to replace the tool replacement machining center or drilling center. The tool magazine in the machining center can accommodate 12-16 tools. Typically, only 4 tool knives can make the cabinet, and the remaining carved door panel is also sufficient. The drilling packaging treatment center is a row of drilling packages in the machining center. Therefore, when the cabinet main body is stamped, the efficiency of the cabinet main body is higher, and the main body of the cabinet is manufactured faster.

Third, we should consider the cabinet needs nesting CNC router machine, side hole drilling machines and edge tapers. A small special shape of the edge. If you do the door panel, you need machining centers and vacuum pressures, hinge drills and sanders.

Nesting CNC machine tools can achieve automatic slots, automatic hinges, automatic cutting and automatic pushing of furniture boards. Due to its high degree of automation, good processing accuracy, special shape cut, it is very popular in the production of panel furniture, all room custom, plastic door panel production, table, chair, doors and windows production and other industries.

As a professional CNC nesting machine manufacturer, the above machine is the most popular 8 machines in many customer groups. If you don’t know how to choose a nesting number of router machine, you can leave a message and tell us your specific processing requirements and budget. We have a professional team that will customize the nested number of controls according to your requirements, which is best for you.

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