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How to choose the CNC router wood engraving system

CNC router wood engraving system design by Superstar CNC. It is the widely use CNC router for wood engraving works. Many customers will consult a question when buying CNC cutting machine. Which control system need to choose? Which wood engraving control system is better?

3 Axis 4×8 CNC Router MachineNormally the Syntec system, LNC system, NC Studio system and SHANLONG system will use for the domestic woodworking machines.

LNC systemSYNTEC 60W-ENC Studio system

Among them, the Syntec and LNC system develope and produce in the same region. NC Studio system is from Shanghai, and SHANLONG system is from Shenzhen. The functions of each system are different because of different specification and prices.

3 Axis Single Head CNC Router Machin

LNC system is an early CNC system. Because of some reasons, the development is not so good. This wood engraving machine atc system is not well known as popular as Syntec. But the stability and functional aspects are still good. Usually we will suggest Syntec or LNC for wood furniture clients.

The Syntec system is a relatively stable one, with perfect functions. It supports the functions of signal feedback, alarm and warning. When the Syntec system use by the wood cnc router, the system can automatically detect.  Whether there is any damage to the parts between the connected transmission parts. It can automatically feed back the processing process of the cnc wood machine. If the actual processing stroke does not reach the command value, the system will send signals to the transmission device constantly. It makes the actual processing parameters close to the system parameter value.

NC Studio system is relatively cheap price, and the functional aspects of woodworking machine can also meet client requirment. The NC Studio NK260 system is very good for the cnc router. If your budget is not high, you can consider this kind wood engraving system, you need to prepare one computer in advance.

In terms of function, both the Syntec and LNC system are basically semi closed-loop control systems. It has good signal coding feedback function, so the start-up will be self-test. Most of the NC Studio system and SHANLONG system are open-loop control systems. They do not have signal coding feedback. The machine will not self-test in depth, but for panel furniture cutting and the parameters set.

Therefore, the overseas market of the wood cutting machine system, these four are still basically good, customers can choose the Syntec system, LNC system or NC Studio system according to your own purchase budget.

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