5-in-1 handheld metal laser welding machine

7-in-1 Handheld Metal Laser Welding and Cutting Machine


7-in-1 Handheld Metal Laser Welding and Cutting Machine

7-in-1 handheld metal laser welding and cutting machine is a versatile tool that combines multiple functions into a single portable device. It integrates laser welding and cutting capabilities along with other features to provide a comprehensive solution for metalworking tasks.

5-in-1 handheld metal laser welding machine

7-in-1 handheld metal laser welding machine is a portable device that combines multiple laser welding capabilities into a single unit. It is designed for welding various types of metal materials using laser technology. The “7-in-1” refers to the machine’s ability to perform different welding techniques or functions, which may include spot welding, seam welding, pulse welding, continuous welding, repair welding,laser cleaning and laser cutting.The handheld feature allows for easy maneuverability and accessibility in different welding applications.This type of machine is often used for repairing or joining metal parts in a variety of industries, from automotive and aerospace to jewelry making and metalworking.

Laser robotic welding machine

Handheld Laser Welding Cleaning Cutting Machine

7-in-1 Handheld Metal Laser Welding Machine Advantages 

  • Portable and flexible, easy to operate, can meet the welding/cleaning/cutting/pass cleaning/energy storage welding five-in-one, no need to change the gun head;
  • Laser friends invited professional international translation, can be customized a variety of language;
  • Handheld vibration mirror oscillating head light is adjustable, acme light, feel is first-class, deeper penetration, etc, to adapt to different customers should scene;
  • Portable welding head adopts protection lens and focus lens, collimating lens are all made of withdrawable type installation, convenient customer self repair change, constantly monitor the temperature;
  • USES the concept of human body engineering and product design, fully consider the applicability of the welding process and the long-term use of comfort;
  • System constantly monitor the running status of laser, cold water machine, the control panel operation monitoring and collect the running state.

7-in-1 Laser Welding and Cutting Machine

This is a small sized manual laser welder machine integrating laser welding, laser cutting and laser cleaning of rust. It adopts high-precision fiber laser technology, which can realize high-efficiency and high-precision welding, quickly and efficiently remove oxides and dirt on the metal surface and quickly cut thin metal plates.

This product will be welding/cleaning/cutting, three functions into one, to provide a more efficient and flexible solution for the market, the product is a lightweight, portable, easy to operate, economic intelligent innovation product. For common materials and thickness, the system has its own process parameter library. According to different application scenarios, it can easily and quickly replace the corresponding nozzle of the gun head, plug and play, making the tedious processing simple and the processing efficiency is higher.

The 7-in-1 handheld metal laser welding machine offers several advantages over traditional welding methods, including faster welding speed, lower heat input, reduced distortion, and cleaner welds. It also allows for precise welding of small, intricate parts that may be difficult to achieve with traditional methods.

Metal Laser Welding is a popular modern technique with a concentrated laser beam for precise and fast welding. Its pinpoint accuracy and minimal heat-affected zones make it ideal for intricate and complex workpieces. The high speed of laser welding also makes it suitable for automated processes and mass production.

Metal laser welding is a process that uses intense heat to melt and fuse metal, creating a solid joint. With handheld maneuverability, operators can easily control the direction and depth of the weld for precise results.

Laser welding utilizes various types of lasers like fiber lasers, CO2 lasers, and Nd: YAG lasers. These lasers offer distinct advantages, making the process adaptable to different metals and applications. Advancements in technology have led to user-friendly, portable, and affordable handheld metal laser welding machines, revolutionizing metal fabrication and assembly.

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