Some information about stone engraving machine

Stone engraving machine is a highly automated CNC machine, which is specialized in processing quartz stone, marble, granite, and other stone materials. The stone machine can realize deep processing, drilling, milling, grinding and cutting functions.

The main function of stone engraving machine: It is most commonly used for three-dimensional relief carving, but also can be used for plane carving, pattern carving, chamfering, drilling and so on.

stone cutting machine stone cutting machine

Application fields of CNC stone machine: mainly used in construction industry, construction industry decoration, tombstone industry, artwork relief, furniture decoration and decoration industry.

  1. Engraving and cutting of ceramic tile background wall, glass wall, copper, aluminum, etc.
  2. Stone monument carving, stone pillar, Buddha statue, mold carving, etc.

Materials that can be processed by the stone engraving machine: all kinds of materials with higher hardness can be processed, suitable for marble, granite, jade, gems, etc.

What are the engraving methods of the stone engraving machine?

Stone machines can also be divided into ordinary single-head stone machines, multi-head stone machines, and stone machining center. According to the different configurations of each stone machine and the different needs of customers, the functions of the stone machine are roughly divided into the following categories.

  1. Relief: Relief is a two-dimensional engraving. The carved pattern is raised on the surface of the material. The engraving process retains the entire image, removes the excess part, and the entire pattern floats on the material.
  2. Shadow carving: The patterns processed by this kind of carving are more realistic because of shadows, and more like those taken by a camera.
  3. Plane carving: Plane carving is a relatively simple carving, that is, carving on the surface of the stone, and the carved pattern will be a little bit recessed on the surface of the material.
  4. Circular carving: It is a three-dimensional carving, which is more three-dimensional and vivid. It is mostly used in the carving of artworks and decorations, which can express the patterns more three-dimensionaland intuitively. Customers often require that the sculpture can be seen from different angles, so its processing process is also more complicated, requiring the machine to be able to engrave from multiple angles of front, back, left, right, up and down.

The above is about the commonly used engraving methods of stone engraving machines. If you still have questions about the stone marble machine, you can continue to pay attention to this website and we will continue to update it for you.

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