4 Axis 3D CNC Router

Best 3D CNC Router 4 Axis Wood Carving Machine

What is a 3D CNC Router 4 Axis Wood Carving Machine?

The 3D CNC Router 4 Axis Wood Carving Machine is specially designed and developed for the three-dimensional cylindrical batch engraving process. Multi-spindle can be processed at the same time. It is a high-efficiency machine. It is mainly used in furniture manufacturing, gift manufacturing and crafts industries 360 ° carving.

3D CNC Router 4 Axis Wood Carving Machine3D CNC Router 4 Axis Wood Carving Machine

What is a four-axis CNC Engraving Machine?

The number of axes is controlled by the four-axis linkage and CNC engraving machine control system. Four-axis linkage must first have four controllable axes, and four axes can be controlled by interpolation motion at the same time, that is, four axes can realize simultaneous linkage control, and the movement speed at the same time is the combined speed, and It is not the respective motion control. It is another point where space moves through the four axes simultaneously to space. It moves from the starting point to the endpoint and stops at the same time.

The moving speed of each axis in the middle is calculated by the motion of the controller according to the programming speed. The algorithm is internally synthesized to the speed of each axis. For the four-axis machining center, the X, Y, and Z axes are added with a rotation axis A (which can also be the B axis or the C axis. The definitions of the A, B, and C axes are respectively corresponding to the rotation around the X, Y, and Z axes.

The shaft, generally the fourth axis is the A axis of the axis rotating around the X-axis or the B axis of the axis rotating around the Y-axis, depending on the installation position of the fourth axis on the actual machine tool, and this fourth axis is not only the fourth axis but also the fourth axis It can be moved alone and can also be linked to one or two other axes or four axes simultaneously. Similarly, the total number of axes of a four-axis linkage machine can be more than four axes, it can have five axes or more, but its maximum number of linkage axes is four axes.


Building Industry (General Woodworking, Kitchen Cabinet & Door, Facades & Curtainwall, Column & Balustrade)

Sign& Advertising (Signage Indoor & Outdoor, Engraving& Bas-Relief, 3D Letters, Funeral)

Relief sculpture and 3D engraving and cylindrical project.

Mold Industry. Such as casting mold, Automobile, ship, yacht, aviation industry, rail transportation, etc.

Large 3D curved surface and shape processing.

Plastics & Composites (ACP, ACM and solid surface material, etc)

Non-ferrous metals & Marine

What are the advantages?

More powerful functions. This kind CNC Machine can not only realize the processing of flat work pieces, but also the processing of three-dimensional work pieces and irregular work pieces.

Wider range of applications. This four-axis engraving machine can be used for processing effects such as hollowing, engraving, cutting, embossing, sawing and curved surface on foam, wood, plaster, composite materials, aluminum copper, acrylic and other materials.

Higher safety factor. This type of 4 Axis CNC Router Machine has the functions of parameter backup and parameter recovery, which effectively prevents the loss of important parameters.

Smarter operation. This type has the intelligent processing memory function, and supports for break point continued carving. For example, if the machine encounters a power outage, it can continue to process and it does not affect processing efficiency.

3D CNC Router 4 Axis Wood Carving Machine3D CNC Router 4 Axis Wood Carving Machine

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