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Five Special Techniques Of Laser Rust And Paint Remover

The laser rust and paint remover is easy to install and operate. The operation is simple, connect the electricity, turn on the machine, you can clean without any chemical reagents, medium, dust, and water.Laser rust removal machine is a new generation of surface cleaning high-tech products. It is very easy to install and operate. No chemical reagents, no media, no dust and no water cleaning, auto focus. Laser rust removal gun suitable for crank surface cleaning, high surface cleanliness and other advantages.

Laser Cleaning MachineHere are five special techniques of laser rust and paint remover:

non-contact with the surface of the object cleaned
Traditional cleaning methods are generally contact-cleaning, that is, the mechanical force being exerted to the surface of the object cleaned, which to some extent damages the surface of the object. In addition, the cleaning medium of those methods attaches to the surface of the object cleaned, which is unable to be removed, resulting in secondary pollution. By comparison, the non-grinding and non-contact of the laser cleaning machine avoid those influences.
no damage to the surface of the object
Various pollutants on the surface of diverse materials can be removed by the laser cleaning machine with high cleanliness that traditional cleaning methods fail to achieve. Besides this advantage, it is possible to clean designated areas without damage to the surface of workpieces processed.

precisely positioned
Remote operation through the integration of the laser cleaning machine and robot makes it possible to precisely clean shaped parts, holes, and grooves without contact, which traditional methods are unable to process. This cleaning method ensures the safety of operators, especially in some dangerous processing scenarios.

no pollution
Chemical cleansers are not required by the use of the laser rust and paint remover, thus no waste liquid being generated. Moreover, pollutant particles and gases generated can be readily processed by a portable extractor fan for waste collection and purification to avoid environmental pollution.

Low operating costs
The laser rust and paint remover cleaning system can be used stably for a long-term period. It is equipped with the pulsed laser, whose service life is very long. In addition, no consumables are generated during the processing. On top of these, it is approximately maintenance-free because only regular cleaning or replacement of the lens is required.

Laser cleaning machine technology is widely used as a green and environmentally friendly cleaning method. Compared with traditional industrial cleaning, it has the following advantages and becomes an emerging laser cleaning technology, which is widely used in automobile manufacturing, electronic processing, mold industry, petrochemical industry, etc. industry.

 No consumables, no chemical pollution, no noise, energy saving and power saving.
 No contact, no grinding, no stress, little damage to the substrate.  It can eliminate polluting particles below the nanometer level, and the cleanliness is high.
 Optical fiber transmission, movable operation, can clean dead corners.
 Synchronous cleaning and synchronous processing to achieve zero emissions during the cleaning process.
 It can realize rapid cleaning of heavy pollutants and high-speed cleaning of light pollutants.

Laser Rust And Paint RemoverLaser Rust And Paint Remover Application Field
1)Laser rust removal: Laser light can be easily removed. After removal, the surface is restored to a bright metallic color
2)Laser Oil removal:Metal surface oil cleaning (can remove oxide film at the same time)
3)Laser paint removal:Removes various paints on various substrates
4)Stripping coating (galvanized layer, aluminized layer, protective coating, etc.)
5)Removal of aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, copper alloy oxide film
6)Pre-weld pretreatment:After the aluminum alloy is pretreated by laser cleaning, the welding porosity defects are effectively suppressed
7)Cleaning after welding:Can remove post-weld oxide film and residue
8)Aluminum alloy pulsed lasers remove dirt and oxide film before welding

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