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The Stone Marble CNC Router cutting machine is designed for batch engraving of cylindrical stone and 3D batch engraving of flat stone. It is equipped with 6-12 spindles, which can be processed simultaneously to improve work efficiency.

3D Stone CNC Router Machine

What is the Stone CNC Router?

We provide multiple model choices and machining solutions to fit for different customer’s demand with respect to engraving on various natural stones, with our stone CNC router, heavy-duty stone CNC router, economic stone CNC router and multi-function stone CNC router.

Stone CNC router is a high-tech all-automatic computer-numerically-controlled engraving machine for writing and pattern engraving on natural stones, glass and ceramics. Applicable materials to be machined include marble, granite, jade, bluestone, blackstone etc, as well as ceramics, glass, PMMA, PVC board, aluminum composite panel, bamboo and etc.

Appropriate and adequate daily maintenance is significantly important to extend service life and assure accuracy for stone CNC routers.

3D Stone Marble CNC Router


Stone is the most abundant natural material that is available on earth. Stone has many uses.

Some of the earliest recorded finds have been tombstones. Being indestructible these tombstones have left a trail of history.

The information carved on such tombstones was hand carved. Stone masons used a stone chisel and patiently carved letters and later symbols.

Today this job has been taken over by a machine. This is the CNC Router machine. CNC stands for computer numerical control.

All you need to do is transfer the design for a tombstone via CAM software into the computer of the CNC router machine.

The router will faithfully copy the design by engraving the stone with repeated passes to get depth.

Multi Spindle 3D Stone CNC Router MachineMulti Spindle 3D Stone CNC Router Machine


The stone CNC router is a machine tool with computer controlled and it is specially designed for all kinds of stone processing.

1.What materials can the stone CNC router machine to cut

This stone CNC router machine can process many materials, such as the Nature Stone, Marble, Granite, Bluestone, Sandstone, Artificial Stone, Tombstone, Milestone, Ceramic Tile, Jade, Glass, Wood, Metal, Others

2.What is the stone CNC router machine can do?

The stone CNC router machine can engraving characters, letters, pattern, intaglio, rilievi, handwriting, embossing, lettering, hollowing out, cutting, seamless stitching, surface treatment, table milling, ancient calligraphy, abraziune colored drawing, flat carving colored drawing, etc . Depth can be controlled optionally, to reach the artistic effect.

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