Edge Banding Machine

Wood CNC Router_Automatic Edge Banding Machine

Wood MDF Woodworking Full Automatic PVC Edge Bander Banding Machine

Automatic Edge Banding Machine This kind of woodworking edge banding machine is easy to adjust, it can be controlled by control panel directly. The machine functions include Premilling, gluing, end cutting, rough trimming, fine trimming, corner rounding, scraping, buffing.This automatic edge bander is designed to handle the rigors of fast-paced production. It is flexible enough to handle a wide range of banding material (ABS, PVC, laminates, wood tape, and wood strips) from 0.5–3.0 mm thick on panels ranging anywhere from 10-45 mm thick. The automatic edge bander features intuitive operation with touch screen, automated belt feed system, heated infeed fence for better glue distribution, upper and lower buffing wheels.

Edge Banding Machine

The edge banding machine, is used to band the straight and curved panel edges for custom furniture production. A woodworking edge banding machine falls into the manual edge banding machine and the auto edge banding machine, specially designed for shops and companies looking for efficient and precise edge banding service and solutions.

Functions of the automatic edge banding machine include pre-milling, gluing, banding, end cutting, rough and fine trimming, corner rounding, scraping, polishing, etc. The manual edge bander and semi automatic edge banding machine can also realize straight and curve cabinet edge banding.

edge banding machine

A multi-function CNC edge banding machine designed by iGOLDENCNC, which is matched with board furniture machining center and six-sided drilling machine. It is very suitable for panel furniture edge banding, realizes automatic and intelligent production, and provides a set of competitive configurations.

Edge Banding Machine Features

1. It can achieve the gluing, end cutting, rough trimming, fine trimming, tracking, scraping and polishing functions automatically.

2. With high-quality WSN cylinder and EASUN solenoid valve, it applies glue in a stable and uniform way.

3. Profile tracking function rounds the four corners, making them more smooth and safer.

4. Automatic operation greatly improves edge banding efficiency and saves labor costs.

PVC Automatic Edge Banding MachinePVC Automatic Edge Banding Machine

The edge banding tape can have various materials, such as PVC, ABS, melamine, and wood veneer. It can band 0.4 to 3mm PVC edge banding tape to plywood, MDF, birch, walnut, maple, and other wooden panels in panel furniture and whole house custom furniture production.

These compact industrial edgebanders deliver the highest quality edge processing in minimum floor space at a lower price, with flexible automation that guarantees consistent, reliable performance. Designed specifically for industrial jointing, edge-banding and fine finishing, Igolden edgebanders are constructed with a solid, rigid, fabricated base frame and a double-joined, V-belt, electronically adjusted top-pressure track that optimizes and gently guides short components and sensitive surfaces.

Edge Banding Machine

Every edge banding machine from IGOLDEN is solution-oriented and individually tailored to your meet your specific trade and industrial furniture production needs. From the stand-alone machine for the advanced craftsman to complete networked production lines for highly industrialized furniture manufacturers, we are the world’s market leader in covering the entire performance portfolio.We offer a complete range of fully auto edge banding equipment for massive production and cheap edge banding machine for small shops. Contact us to obtain the latest quote for the banding machine price.

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