Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

Application Of Hand-Held Laser Cleaning Machine For Rust Removal

Hand-held laser cleaning machine for rust removal is the latest high-tech product. Easy to install, operate, easy to achieving automation. Plug in power, turn on and start cleaning – without chemicals, media, dust, water.

Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

The Laser Cleaning Machine can remove resin, oil, stain, dirt, rust, coating, plating, paint on the surface of objects, and can protect the surface of brittle materials. The energy density is concentrated, and highly reflective materials can also be easily applied.

At present, the cleaning methods widely used in the cleaning industry include mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning, but their application is greatly restricted under the constraints of environmental protection and the requirements of the high-precision market. The hand-held laser cleaning machine for rust removal has obvious advantages in various industries.

The Main Application Industries Are As Follows:

1. Mold industry
The laser can realize the non-contact cleaning of the mold, which is very safe to the mold surface. It can ensure its accuracy, and can clean sub-micron dirt particles which cannot be removed by traditional cleaning methods, achieving true pollution-free, high-efficiency, and high-quality cleaning.

2. Precision Instrument Industry
The precision machinery industry often needs to remove the esters and mineral oils used for lubrication and corrosion resistance on the parts, usually by chemical methods. But chemical cleaning often still leaves residues. Laser deesterification can completely remove esters and mineral oil without damaging the surface of the part. The laser causes the explosive vaporization of the thin oxide layer on the surface of the part to form a shock wave, which leads to the removal of dirt instead of mechanical interaction.

3. Rail industry
At present, all pre-welding cleaning of rails uses grinding wheel and abrasive belt polishing cleaning. The base material is seriously damaged with quite some residual stress not released fully. Also this way results to a large amount of grinding wheel consumables every year with a high cost. Moreover, and serious dust pollution has done severe harm to the environment. Laser cleaning can provide high-quality and efficient green cleaning for high-speed railway track laying production all over the world by solving the above problems, eliminating welding defects such as seamless rail holes and gray spots, and improving the stability and safety of high-speed railway operation.

4. Aviation industry
The surface of the aircraft must be repainted after a certain period of time, but the original old paint needs to be completely removed before painting. Chemical soaking/wiping is the main paint removal method in the aviation field. This method causes a large amount of chemical ancillary waste and cannot achieve partial maintenance and paint removal. This process is seriously harmful to health. Laser cleaning can achieve high-quality removal of surface paint on aircraft skins, and is easy to realize automated production. At present, this technology has begun to be applied to the maintenance of some high-end models abroad.

5. Shipbuilding industry
So far, the pre-production cleaning of ships mainly has adopted sandblasting methods. The sandblasting method has caused serious dust pollution to the surrounding environment and has been gradually banned, which has led to the reduction of production or even suspension of production by ship manufacturers. Laser cleaning technology will provide a green and pollution-free cleaning solution for anti-corrosion spraying on the surface of ships.

6. Military industry
Laser cleaning technology is widely used in weapon maintenance. The laser cleaning system can remove rust and pollutants efficiently and quickly, and can select the removal part to realize the automation of cleaning. Using laser cleaning, not only the cleanliness is higher than the chemical cleaning process, but also almost no damage would be done to the surface of the weapons.

Handheld Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

Hand-held laser cleaning machine for rust removal has the advantages of high efficiency, high speed and low cost, low heat load and mechanical load on the matrix, and does not damage the matrix. There is no need for water or solvent, and the waste is easy to collect, no pollution to the environment. It is safe and reliable, and does not damage the health of operators. It can remove rust spots, oxide scales, dirt and coatings with different thickness and composition. The cleaning process is easy to realize automation and remote control operation, and can be used for large-scale laser cleaning.

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