fiber laser marking machine

How to choose fiber laser marking machine and UV laser marking machine?

Laser marking machine is just a general term, it includes (ultraviolet laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine), and the two marking machines have their own functions and characteristics!

  1. Fiber laser marking machine

The fiber laser marking machine evaporates the surface material through the laser, exposing it to the deep material, “carves” traces through the chemical and physical changes of the surface material caused by light energy, or burns some material through light energy, showing Various patterns, characters, barcodes, etc. need to be etched. It is suitable for the processing of metal products, because the fiber laser marking machine burns part of the product through light energy, so it is a better choice for metal and stainless steel materials. The laser marking machine will appear clumsy, and then we will compare the UV marking machine and the optical fiber marking machine, whether they feel that they are completely two performances!

  1. fiber laser marking machineUltraviolet laser marking machine

Because of its small focusing spot and small processing heat-affected zone, UV laser can perform ultra-fine and accurate marking and special material marking. In addition to the metallic properties that appear on copper, UV lasers are also suitable for processing many pharmaceuticals. The main advantages of UV are: good beam quality, small focusing spot, ultra-fine marking, small heat-affected range, no thermal effect, no material burning problem, fast marking speed, high efficiency, and overall machine performance It has the advantages of stability, small size and low power consumption.

fiber laser marking machine

The laser marking machine must be cooled by water. This is because when the substrate is processed, the laser creates a high temperature on the surface, which vaporizes or melts the substrate to be processed. However, it must reach high temperature during processing, but this high temperature is very unfavorable for the whole machine. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the high temperature in time and conduct rapid cooling. So, why does the laser marking machine have to use water cooling, and what are the advantages?

fiber laser marking machine

1: The use of water cooling device has the effect of saving energy, because the circulating water is used to cool the machine, so the power consumption is less;


Two: The circulating water of the water cooling device is conducive to cleaning and facilitates later maintenance;


Three: The water tank can be simply cleaned, which can be done by ordinary workers;


How to improve the marking quality of laser marking machine?

One: The focal length will affect the marking effect and quality, so it is very important to adjust the focal length of the laser marking machine during the marking operation. Generally, the focal length can be adjusted in this way: the laser is emitted to the surface of the workpiece through the core component (laser) of the marking machine, but through the lens system, the focal length can be accurate, and the focusing point of the laser can reach the perfect value, so debugging Be sure to take a ruler to measure the focal length, and record it in a notebook for later settings.

Two: Control the marking speed. The laser marking machine is a customized model. It is tailored according to the requirements of customers and workpieces. Therefore, if you only know how to increase the power of the machine blindly to make it too fast, when it exceeds the After the power value of the machine, there will be a phenomenon of missing engraving, which will ultimately affect the processing effect.

Three: the importance of technicians. Although the laser marking machine belongs to automatic processing equipment, factors such as debugging before processing, parameter setting, and machine maintenance also affect the processing effect of the machine.

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