Precautions For Novices Operating Engraving Machine Stone

With the advent of the mechanical age, CNC routers have gradually become the main equipment of large and small companies, helping production and improving production efficiency. Today,IGOLDENCNC manufacturers simply share with you what we should pay attention to when using the engraving machine stone, especially for those who are new to using stone cnc router machine for the first time.

 Engraving Machine Stone

Matters Needing Attention For Engraving And Cutting Of Engraving Machine Stone

1. Stone carving. The use of stone for carving usually refers to inverse carving, and the cnc router machine has a deeper carving depth when engraving. When performing stone carving, the power of the cnc router machine is generally set higher. If it encounters hard stone, the color of the carved figure may become darker. If you want to make the engraving stone lighter, you can increase the engraving speed appropriately and perform several more operations. Because the material of the stone is different, some stone will wear out some oily fume when it is engraved by the cnc router machine. You can use a wet rag to wipe it off carefully. If there is no paint on the engraved stone, it may not be wiped clean when wiping. , Destroy the surface of the finished product and affect the sale.

2, stone cutting. The cutting depth of the stone cnc router machine is generally not very deep when cutting the stone. If it is cutting very thick stone, the cutting depth can be appropriately slowed down and the cutting is carried out in layers, which may cause the stone cnc router machine tool to break. The specific operation can be carried out hierarchically with common sense, slow down the cutting speed of the cnc router machine, and cut by repeating the knife.

A engraving machine stone is a pricey investment for a Stone Fabrication Shop and often a critical decision for any factory. A machine’s durability determines its frequency of maintenance, downtime, and expenditures, which impact the profit inflow of the company. Therefore, you must never overlook the timely maintenance of your CNC machines.

Stone engraving machine

Engraving machine stone application: natural marble, granite, bluestone, sandstone, artificial stone, tombstone, milestone, ceramic tile, jade, crystal, ceramics, glass, plastic, wood, bamboo, cambered surface, sphere, stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, titanium alloy, can doing 3D embossment, and line engraving, beveling, drilling 2D engraving.

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