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As we all know, CNC engraving machines mainly rely on the spindle equipped with different tools to achieve various patterns and multi-function processing. Therefore, tool selection and maintenance are also very important

Clamping shrinkage occurs when machining with new tools


Machining is laborious and not smooth. What parameters need to be adjusted at this time? First, we should find out the reasons for labor. The main reason is that the power and speed of the spindle cannot withstand the current cutting amount. Therefore, it is reasonable to redesign the machining path to reduce the tool depth. If you are not in a hurry, or the workpiece needs to be processed in a short time, you can also improve the cutting state by adjusting the cutting speed

3 Axis ATC CNC RouterCoolant functions and functions that must be used


The function of the cooling system is to remove the flying chips generated during the machining process of the CNC engraving machine and play the role of the lubrication process. Coolant can eliminate part of the heat generated during machining, reduce the heat transferred to the tool and motor, and extend the life of the machine tool. When machining copper, the choice of coolant can improve the surface quality and make the CNC engraving machine more stable

3 Axis ATC CNC Router

What is the cause of wear and tear of CNC engraving machine?

Tool wear can usually be normal wear and severe wear. In the initial machining stage, the main reason for tool wear is that the tool temperature is low and the optimal cutting temperature is not reached. At this time, tool wear is mainly sharpening. This kind of wear has an adverse effect on the tool, has a great impact on the cutting process, and is easy to damage the tool. This stage is a very dangerous stage. If it is not handled properly, it may directly lead to the damage and failure of the CNC engraving machine. When the tool is run-in for a certain time and the cutting temperature reaches a certain value, it is normal wear. It’s almost inevitable. We can only pay attention to maintenance in daily operation to prolong the life of the tool

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Why does the CNC engraving machine have a certain running-in period? How to break in?

As mentioned above, the tool can easily break during the initial machining damage stage. In order to avoid tool breakage, the tool must be ground to gradually increase the cutting temperature to a reasonable cutting temperature. A large number of experiments show that the service life of the tool is more than doubled after running in with the same process parameters


As we all know, CNC engraving machines mainly rely on the spindle equipped with different tools to achieve a variety of patterns and multi-function processing. Therefore, tool selection and maintenance are also very important


How to judge whether the tool is worn and the degree of wear

The method of judging tool wear is as follows: 1) Listen to the processing sound of the CNC engraving machine. If there is a harsh sound, it means wear; 2) Feel the vibration, shaking and obvious vibration of the spindle during processing, that is, wear; 3) From the processing effect, there are deep and shallow tool marks on the surface of the processed material, which also means wear and tear. Indicates tool wear


When to change the tool?

Each tool has its own useful life. We should replace CNC woodworking machines around 23 of the tool life limit. For example, when the tool is heavily worn within 60 minutes, replace the tool in about 40 minutes, and make it a habit to change the tool regularly on the next machining


Can a severely worn insert continue to be machined?

Generally, we do not recommend continuing machining, because the cutting force of severely worn tools may increase to 3 times the normal value, which has a great impact on the service life of the CNC engraving machine. In addition, the sudden breakage of the tool during the machining process will affect the machining effect and cannot achieve finishing.

1) Stop processing immediately and take out the current tool

2) Check whether there are sundries scattered on the damaged cutter body, such as the processing table, etc., and clean it up in time

3) Analyze the cause of tool damage. What broke the knife? Did the pressure on the tool suddenly increase? Or is the path problem wrong? Or is the tool shaking too much and not being properly serviced? Or is it the effect of processing materials? Or the spindle motor speed setting is incorrect? These issues need to be addressed one by one. Find the root cause

4) After analysis, replace the CNC engraving machine for processing. It should be noted that the feed rate should be reduced after replacing the new tool, because the new tool has a certain running-in period

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