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How to improve the processing efficiency of CNC woodworking cutting machine?

The same is for the whole house customization of panel furniture. Have you ever thought about why others can process sixty, seventy or even hundreds of panels in a day, but you can only process thirty or forty panels? The same is a production line, why is the processing efficiency always lower than others? To improve efficiency, you need to pay attention to these aspects.

  1. Wood CNC RouterPurchase of CNC woodworking cutting machine

How to choose a suitable CNC woodworking cutting machine is very important. First, pay attention to the idle speed and processing speed of the wooden furniture machinery. These two data will affect the actual processing speed of the wood working machine cnc. Secondly, pay attention to the configuration of the CNC woodworking cutting machine. A good configuration can achieve high-speed and long-term operation. When purchasing, pay attention to the configuration comparison. Low-configured equipment may seriously affect the processing efficiency.
Wood CNC Router

  1. Model selection of CNC woodworking cutting machine

There are various models of CNC woodworking cutting machines, and each model has different processing efficiency. The processing efficiency of the double-station CNC woodworking cutting machine is much higher than that of the ordinary single-table cutting machine, because it can save the time of automatic loading and unloading, and realize the production without interval. The 4*8ft cnc router woodworking machine with automatic loading and unloading platform saves time, not only can realize fast automatic loading and unloading, but also save labor and production cost.

Wood CNC Router

  1. Grasp the CNC woodworking cutting machine processing sequence

In order to improve the processing efficiency and production capacity, it is necessary to pay attention to reasonable design to avoid waste, and the processing sequence of the preparation should be reasonably optimized to avoid excessive waste of repeated passes during the processing.

Of course, it is important to improve the processing efficiency, but it is still necessary to pay attention to the fact that the processing speed cannot be blindly pursued, and the production quality is ignored. Different materials have different processing speeds, and the same material can produce different quality products at different processing speeds. How to find the balance among them needs to be considered in combination with the actual situation.

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