ATC Nesting CNC Router Machine

The screw changer engraving machine is so advancing with the times

With the development of economy and society, people’s lives have undergone earth-shaking changes. This is how people began to pursue a better life. Many families and enterprises are advancing with the times and replacing their decorations, including cabinets, wardrobes, desks, chairs and bookcases ,Office, IGOLDEN CNC will bring you to know a piece of equipment for panel furniture: Disc tool changer engraving machine

  1. ATC Nesting CNC Router MachineThe whole body of this Disc tool changer engraving machine adopts a weighted bed, which is finished by five-sided milling. The weight of the bed is about 1.2 tons. It adopts a new type of HT250 cast iron side plate, which has high strength, strong stability and no deformation. .
  2. Adopt Japanese Yaskawa servo drive system, with high speed and high precision.
  3. Adopt Taiwan’s new generation system, 8-12 disc tool changing servo tool magazines, saving tool changing time.
  4. Square rail imported from Taiwan, double-row and four-row ball sliding block, large bearing capacity, stable operation, high precision and long service life. Double nut ball screw, high precision, accurate lower knife.
  5. The three axes of the whole machine are driven by Taiwan’s high-precision TBI lead screw, with high machining accuracy.
  6. Using Taiwan’s new generation control system, intelligent processing cross-border protection function, to prevent mechanical collision caused by the design layout exceeding the processing width, equipped with hand wheel control, more convenient and flexible. Equipped with a large independent cabinet, split keyboard operation, simple and convenient, easy to learn, referred to as “fool-style”, so that users can quickly and flexibly grasp the use of the equipment, and the independence is stronger.ATC Nesting CNC Router Machine

This Disc knife changing and cutting machine is used for:

Woodworking industry: three-dimensional wave board processing, cabinet door, craft wooden door, paint-free door, screen, craft fan window processing, mass processing of furniture products, etc.

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