iGOLDENCNC New Fiber Laser Engraver

Fiber laser engraver is an indispensable equipment in the processing and manufacturing industry. Its advanced technology has fundamentally improved the manufacturing level of industrial products and embodies the manufacturing level of advanced industrial processing.

The fiber laser engraver can focus the laser beam with high energy density on the surface of the workpiece to achieve high-precision processing and protect the integrity of the material to the greatest extent. From its own performance and processing technology to the convenience of human-computer interaction, industrial laser cutting machines have been continuously optimized.

IGOLDEN laser machine adopts Panasonic servo drive system imported from Japan and high-quality lead screw guide. The drive system has high precision and is suitable for cutting precision parts; high-quality equipment is not only a production machine, but also can create value and income. Therefore, it is very important to choose a high-quality laser cutting machine in processing and production.

In today’s fast-growing market, laser cutting machine manufacturers are unbalanced and their quality is uneven. How to make users buy high-quality real fiber laser engraver?

Fiber Laser Engraver Fiber Laser Engraver

The new iGOLDEN fiber laser machine adds an automatic rotation axis.


Panel and tube integration, one machine with dual use, saving space and cost; it can not only meet your tube and panel cutting production requirements, but also help you expand your production scale. The front and rear electric chain links can automatically adapt and intelligently cut; before and after the pipe cutting device equipped with an electric chuck, the processing can be completed without any adjustment during the production process. The complete design and dual functions can meet complex cutting requirements; the integration of the two functions makes you more flexible in the face of complex production requirements.

Industrial application

Due to the integrated design of plates and tubes, industrial adaptability is greatly improved, including machining of oil pipelines, fitness equipment and other pipes, and machining of plates such as automobile manufacturing and cabinet chassis.

Jinan iGOLDENCNC Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of CNC engraving machine and laser cutting machine. We are located in Jinan City, Shandong Province, China. Inventory or custom configuration is our specialty. Our machine parts come from world-class machine control suppliers and innovators. These machines have been used in many industries, handicrafts and arts all over the world. These include wood products, metal and stone products, aluminum processing, shipbuilding, shop decoration, mold making, etc.

Now we have two factory, one for CNC router machine and the other for fiber laser engraver. Covers an area of 3000.0 square meters. Our professional and qualified after-sales service, our sales team and complete quality assurance procedures allow you to buy with confidence.

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