PVC Automatic Edge Banding Machine

How To Purchase A Good Wood Edge Banding Machine?

If edgebanding machiens are running old or are not meeting the current requirements any more, a replacement is in order. what to consider when buying an wood edge banding machine.

PVC Automatic Edge Banding Machine

Automatic edge banding machine has many functions, mainly include pre milling, glue, edge, blunt, rough trimming, refinement, tracking, scraping, polishing, slotting, which is characterized by high efficiency, automation, high precision, and beauty. These features are also based on various types of division, some is relatively simple, with glue block, scraping, polishing, finishing, and other functions, some more comprehensive, almost all functions are, these are based on the customer base, to buy sheet.

1, the edge of the matching machine depends on the shape of the workpiece to be processed features, edge of the classification of materials, but also consider the productivity and quality issues.
2, linear edge commonly used in office furniture and cabinets and other simple shape of the product, the configuration of the main consideration of production and some functions of the increase or decrease, such as PVC or ABS and other edge materials need to add scraper device; Need to increase the repair knife and sanding device; in order to ensure the quality of the edge from the winter temperature is not the impact of the best choice is equipped with far infrared preheating device edge machine; other optional additional configuration is also a lot, such as automatic tracking circle Angle trim function, milling cutter and so on. 3, curve edge can be used to process several methods. At present, most manufacturers use hand-sealing machine processing curved parts, especially the inner arc of the plate parts, the edge of the wheel by the diameter of the wheel will determine the maximum curve depth. The use of hand-sealed edge of the machine has a simple operation, less investment characteristics. However, due to the use of hand-sealing, the quality is relatively low, mainly in the low bonding strength, repeat the poor accuracy, rework rate is higher. At the same time manual edge banding for the commonly used thick edge band (1.0-3.0mm) edge is relatively difficult. and some invisible parts on the use of thin edge (0.4-1.0mm) can be straight, curve Processing.
4. usually hand-sealing machine and automatic linear edge machine with the use of the general product to meet the requirements, while for only a straight edge of the product will improve efficiency and reduce production costs.
5, the curve of the edge banding machine in order to achieve a stable high-quality level, the need for CNC machining centers or CNC edge banding machine, the two machines for some special surface edge can show a special advantage, such as the use of edge band length counter Can make the circumference of the edge of the gap between the smallest, more suitable for the manufacture of high-grade furniture products. The difference between the two is that the machining center can be realized from the saw blade to the final part of the whole process of forming parts, and a dedicated CNC edge banding machine can only complete the edge and the edge of the process, the use of processing center edge of the shortcomings of the closure While taking a larger total processing time, reducing the overall production efficiency

Edge Banding Machine

Technical requirements for the operation process of the fully automatic edge banding machine:
1. The parts and the bottom lining must be tight, the edge band and the wood board are tightly combined, and the tear test can be carried out evenly with wood chips. standard;
2. Wood boards and wood boards in the process of processing have no bite marks and obvious glue lines after edge sealing;
3. Avoid scratching the edge band and board during the operation of the equipment;
4. The pressure roller must be free of impurities, and there should be no stains and impurities on the back plate after edge sealing.
5. After the door panel is sealed, the edge of the edge band becomes rounded and smooth, and the side of the edge band is straight and has no waves.

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