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How to solve the edge collapse of the plate opened by the CNC cutting machine?

A problem is often encountered when using a wood cnc machine router to process a sheet – the edge of the processed sheet is chipped. For this question, the superstar CNC editor will answer it for you.

Linear ATC CNC Wood RouterPlate material: The plates used in the cutting are MDF and particleboard. The hardness of these two kinds of plates is relatively high, but these two kinds of plates have the same disadvantage, that is, these two kinds of plates are pressed. If we can’t change the choice of the plate, then we can choose a good CNC cutting machine. The situation of chipping mainly occurs in the table saw and the cutting machine with poor quality. The Superstar CNC wood carving machine will not appear because of equipment reasons. resulting in collapse.

The sharpness of the tool: choose a good quality tool, once the edge collapse occurs during the processing, it is necessary to stop work immediately to replace the tool.

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Spindle speed: The spindle speed can be adjusted higher, but it should be adjusted within the scope of use of the tool.

The tool clamping is not firm: the tool is fixed in the process of processing the product.

The vacuum adsorption effect is poor: now the most popular is the vacuum adsorption table of the wood engraving machine. The superstar carving cnc machine adopts a double-layer vacuum adsorption table, without clamping, and the strong vacuum suction directly adsorbs the plate on the table through the fine adsorption holes on the table. This kind of adsorption table has better adsorption effect, and the plate force will be more uniform, which directly improves the cutting accuracy.

The wood cutting machine for sale can adjust the spindle speed and cutting speed of the equipment according to the data required for cutting. It is easy to use and has high processing efficiency. It is the best choice for processing panel furniture!

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