What is a bridge saw cutting machine?

Bridge saw cutting machine definition

Bridge saws or sawing machines or cutting centers, also known as natural stone or ceramic are very large saws, running on the beam or bridge. This guarantees the quality of professional quality. Bridge saw cutting machine for cutting stone, granite, marble, ceramic, and all other types of slabs. This cutting is called secondary cut and occurs after the primary saw of the diamond line or the diamond blade.

How does the 5 axis bridge saw cutting machine work?

Several components constitute a bridge saw. The sawing portion has the power of the motor, the size and mount of the diamond tray. The 5 axis bridge saw cutting machine is the most powerful because they can cut the stone anywhere around the vertical axis.

The frame consists of a bridge, so the name bridge saw saw and moving through the motor. Therefore, the movement of the bridge is performed on the X and Y axes. There are 2 different bridge saw structures: a metal structure of a single block, called “single pair hybrid” and concrete wall structure. The metal structure is easier to move the saw when moving or restructuring the workshop. However, in the case of cutting a large thickness, the rigidity of the machine is preferably used with concrete wall.

Another important part of the 5 axis bridge saw cutting machine is a table. The wooden table can be found on the low frequency and mid-range model. You will find a resin and rubber table, which is more durable, different from the wood, which is a “life” material, which must be replaced regularly to maintain the best Cutting performance. Therefore, some tables are electric, and allow rotation or tilting to facilitate cutting of stone slices to be cut.

Finally, there is a manual or automatic bridge saw: these are CNC controlled sawing machines are called CNC. The CNC sawing center allows automatic manufacturing of different cuts, such as angles or contour slits.

What operations can be performed with a 5 axis bridge saw cutting machine

The main function of the 5 axis bridge saw is the straight cutting of the stone. Place the plate on the table to be cut.

Some cutting machines, such as 5 axis machine design, specializes in marble work, with a head that opens and programmable at multiple locations. Therefore, they provide the possibility of almost all profiles, and make special depression and corner incision in marble work (top of the kitchen and bathroom, curved chimney Lintel eta).

IGOLDENCN bridge saw cutting machine is allowed to cut in all directions and the angle of the kitchen building cutting problem. (For example: cutting bowl). Use a new generation of 5 axis bridge saws, can cut square, circular or elliptical bowl. In fact, the 5-axis sawing center has a 1/2 natural gas accessory, allowing you to connect additional tools to diamond trays: routing tools or drill bits.

The machine can also be carried out in vacuo, move automatic and puzzle to complete the corner of the management intervention.

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