ATC Nesting CNC Machine with Gang Drilling

The latest introduction of the furniture making machine in 2021-2

Furniture making machine: ATC CNC machine

The disadvantage of nest multi-head CNC machine is the limited number of spindles installed. Therefore, the processes that the machine can perform are also limited. If you need more processing in furniture manufacturing, you can choose ATC CNC machines. Compared with the multi-head CNC furniture machine, it is an advanced furniture manufacturing machine. Such a machining center has a linear tool library that can accommodate more than 8 tools. Therefore, you can perform more than 8 procedures.

In addition, the furniture machine also has an automatic labeling device to complete the labeling work before cutting. The automatic loading and unloading platform saves labor and time and improves work efficiency.


Furniture making machine: Edge banding machine

The cut edges are rough and unattractive. In addition, due to the production process, the panel will release formaldehyde through the exposed edges. However, the edge banding machine will cover rough and unsightly edges and will also prevent the release of formaldehyde. It makes the house greener and healthier.

Therefore, the edge banding machine is also one of the commonly used furniture machines. This kind of furniture machine is mainly used for the edge bonding process of panel furniture. It is divided into manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic types. Regardless of the effect or efficiency of the edge banding, the automatic edge banding device is much better than the other two. However, the semi-automatic type is required for binding jagged edges.

Furniture making machine: Side drilling machine 

Drilling is the basic process of furniture manufacturing. It is convenient for subsequent installation and assembly of screws, hinges and other connecting parts. This makes woodworking drills an important category of furniture manufacturing machinery. CNC woodworking drilling machine is a better choice than manual drilling machine because it is safer, more efficient and more precise. The application of CNC woodworking drills not only reduces the customer’s production costs, but also improves production efficiency.

Furniture machines designed for the drilling process include nested CNC machines with multi-head drill, side drill and six-side drilling machine. The drilling effect and efficiency obtained by different woodworking drill bits vary greatly.

Most nesting CNC machines with row drilling can perform vertical hole processing during cutting. However, if you want to drill a hole on the side of the panel, a side drill is the ideal choice.

Furniture making machine: Vacuum press

Judging from the current market changes, although solid wood furniture is still loved by many consumers, aluminum cabinets and doors are also becoming more and more popular. Indeed, customer requirements for personality, environmental health and profitability have changed.

Some customers may have special requirements for the color or wood grain of the furniture. A layer of PVC film can meet these requirements. This PVC film has many styles in terms of thickness, color and particles. The wing-shaped cabinets and doors are exquisite and stylish, easy to clean and prevent scratches and drops. The high-quality PVC film is also waterproof, mothproof, flame-retardant and formaldehyde-free.

Other auxiliary machines for furniture manufacturing

In addition to the most widely used furniture making machine mentioned above, there are many small or auxiliary machines. For example, sliding table saws, hinge drills, CNC wood polishing machines, etc. These machines can perform a variety of functions, such as cutting, grooving, rounding, drilling on hinges, polishing, etc.

All these auxiliary furniture making machines can be used individually or together in the furniture production line. Using these machines to make furniture can greatly improve furniture production efficiency and save labor and time. The price of this auxiliary furniture manufacturing machine is cheaper than the aforementioned furniture machine. This makes them very profitable.

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