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The price of the intersecting wire cutting machine requires special equipment for the cutting of the intersecting wire ends of some special-shaped pipes. At this time, people often choose the intersecting wire cutting machine, which is a special kind of Processing equipment is also a kind of equipment that is relatively easy to use at present. Since it is a special occasion, some people can’t help but doubt its price. After all, what is rare is the most expensive, so is the price corresponding to the processing equipment of such a special product more expensive?

Portable CNC Plasma Cutting MachineThe products processed by the intersecting wire cutting machine are indeed more special than those processed by other cutting machines. In addition, the processing of products such as metal round pipes and intersecting wire holes is very special. When it comes to the price of equipment, we also need to analyze it in combination with the actual situation. Because the current equipment prices on the market range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, it cannot be generalized. In comparison, the equipment of tens of thousands of yuan mainly has certain differences in the model and control center, especially the problem of control programming, because this is the core of the equipment, and the more high-end configuration, the intersecting wire cutting machine The cost of the equipment corresponding to the price is higher, and it will also be more expensive.

Plasma CNC cutting machine

In addition, everyone should also consider such a problem, that is, the larger the brand corresponding to any product equipment, the higher the price. After all, the quality of the product is more guaranteed. Saying it is no exception. If the equipment you buy is a brand, it generally has a certain quality assurance time, and it can provide perfect after-sales service. From these aspects, you can choose according to your actual processing needs and the comparison of brand manufacturers. The price corresponding to the price of the intersecting wire cutting machine is also different.

The selection of the intersecting wire cutting machine is different from the selection standard of the general metal sheet CNC cutting machine. This requires users to have a certain understanding of their own cutting requirements and the intersecting wire cutting machine. How to choose an intersecting wire cutting machine? What are the main considerations? The following intersecting wire cutting machine manufacturers put forward the following suggestions.

Cutting method: At present, the cutting methods of CNC cutting machines on the market are mainly divided into three types: flame cutting, plasma cutting, and laser cutting. Each cutting method can cut different materials. Flame cutting can cut most metals; plasma cutting machine can cut high alloy steel, stainless steel and other materials. Therefore, when we choose the CNC intersecting wire cutting machine, we must first choose the corresponding cutting method according to the cutting material of the enterprise itself.

The size of the cutting pipe diameter: After we have determined the cutting method, we must select the intersecting line cutting machine with corresponding parameters according to the size of the pipe diameter to be cut. This is related to the price of the product. In general, the larger the diameter of the pipe that can be cut, the higher the price. Therefore, when we choose the intersecting wire cutting machine, we must configure the corresponding parameters according to the size of the pipe diameter to be cut by the enterprise, so as to avoid unnecessary expenses.

The number of axes of the intersecting wire cutting machine: the number of axes of the intersecting wire cutting machine, especially the number of linkage axes, determines the ability of the intersecting wire cutting machine to complete the cutting of the intersecting line bevel. If the enterprise pursues high-quality cutting, then the corresponding number of axes must be selected when choosing a CNC intersecting wire cutting machine. Of course, we cannot ignore one point, that is, the number of linkage axes of the intersecting wire cutting machine is also closely related to the price.

The programming software for the intersecting wire cutting machine: the function of the programming software is mainly to control the cutting of the intersecting wire cutting machine. The ability difference is not very big. This difference mainly depends on the intersecting line programming software used. Therefore, enterprises may wish to know more about some manufacturers when choosing an intersecting wire cutting machine, and then make a choice according to their own needs after making a comparison.

Correct operation skills of intersecting wire cutting machine

Open the shell of the intersecting wire cutting machine every one and a half to two months for dust removal treatment (for example, blowing dust with compressed air and then drying with compressed air) to ensure the normal operation of the main engine.

Ensure that the mains incoming line 3-phase electrical balance, do not appear phase loss or pressure difference is too large.

To ensure a good grounding of the steel plate, the resistance of the steel plate workpiece to the absolute ground should preferably not be greater than 1~5 ohms.

Maintain good electrical conductivity between the ground clip of the welding handle and the pipe being cut.

Ensure sufficient gas pressure and flow. The pressure is not less than 8 kg during normal cutting (the on-board power supply is not less than 6 kg). Pay attention to the attenuation of the distance from the gas station to the plasma host.

In use, it needs to be set according to the parameters of the cutting table, such as arc voltage value, cutting height, piercing height, etc.

Try not to start arcing and perforation in the air for a long time to improve the service life of wearing parts.

When plasma cutting is not used temporarily, please ensure sufficient heat dissipation of the host before shutting down, subject to the reduction of fan noise in the host.

Precautions for improving the production efficiency of intersecting wire cutting machines

In material cutting and processing, there is a large cost consumption due to the waste of steel plates and other materials. According to relevant statistics, in the process of steel cutting and welding production, Chinese enterprises waste 10% more steel than western developed countries. A medium-sized enterprise that cuts and welds 10,000 tons of steel annually, and wastes thousands of tons of steel every year.

On the other hand, although the development of cutting technology has shortened the processing time in terms of efficiency, the problem of loss of materials such as steel pipes and steel plates still exists. Is there a way to save cutting costs and improve cutting efficiency?

How to maximize the efficient cutting of CNC intersecting wire cutting machine is a problem that every enterprise is very concerned about. Then we must consider the performance of the CNC intersecting wire cutting machine equipment itself, followed by the use of nesting software or not. The following editor will share with you three issues that should be paid attention to to improve the production efficiency of CNC cutting machines.

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