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What is panel furniture? Which cutting machine is used to produce panel furniture

What is panel furniture?

(1) Panel furniture refers to furniture made of medium density fiberboard or particleboard with surface veneer and other processes. A large part of panel furniture is wood grain simulation furniture. It has the characteristics of flat surface, not easy to deform, bright color, wear-resistant surface, corrosion-resistant and so on. It brings a more environmentally friendly and healthy paint-free decoration effect to modern home life.

(2) It is a disassembly and assembly furniture with man-made panels as the main base material and panels as the basic structure, all of which are connected by surface-decorated man-made panels and hardware.Common man-made boards are plywood, block board, particleboard, MDF, etc. Panel furniture parts are combined with various metal hardware, which are very convenient to assemble and disassemble.

cnc wood router for kitchen cabinetsIntroduction of panel furniture cutting machine production equipment:

The processing table of the equipment is made of thickened tempered steel plate, the table is not deformed or sagging, and the engraving flatness and verticality are high, which increases the stability of the whole machine for years of use.

(1) The electrical components in the control cabinet of this cutting machine have been inspected, with strong impact resistance, anti-interference, moisture resistance and stability, ensuring long-term stable processing and operation of the equipment.

(2) The double-layer adsorption table is equipped with a 7.5KW water-type vacuum pump to make the air pressure more uniform. There are 200-300 suction holes on the table to ensure that the small plate does not run out of material.

Panel furniture

(3) Taiwan’s high-precision square linear guide has high precision, long service life, large contact surface, and strong load-bearing capacity. The vertical rail technology can better ensure running stability.

(4) Reinforced and thickened heavy-duty gantry, the steel plate is processed by precision cutting and planer, plus welding, which is equivalent to secondary tempering treatment, ensuring long-lasting durability and no deformation of the gantry.

(5) Adopt German igus towline and cable, the towline is not deformed and the cable is not broken, and the signal line and the power line are separated according to the specifications to better prevent signal interference.

(7) After the work of the whole machine is completed, the material is automatically pushed, saving time and effort. The horizontal and vertical belt positioning cylinders are all installed and adjusted by the dial indicator to ensure the secondary positioning accuracy during front and back processing.

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