1325 CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

Jeans Leather Fabric CNC Laser Cutting Machine

Leather laser cutting machine is widely used to cut and engrave leather, jeans, fabric, textile and etc.

1325 CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting MachineAdvantages of CZ fabric laser cutting machine:

  1. With auto feed system and worktable. The fabric laser cutting machine moves the material automatic. The machine will cut roll fabric continuous, it saves time and labor.
  2. High quality and precision transmission system is equipped for the fabric laser cutting machine. Ease the shock and vibration in work, cut quickly with low noise.
  3. Leather laser cutting machine is equipped with English control system with USB interface.
  4. Double heads is optional for the leather laser engraving to improve the work efficiency.
  5. One laser head has a positive motor. The distance between two heads can be adjusted according to your needs. Each head can finish whole process work independently.

Fabric CNC Laser Cutting Machine

Machine Application

Fabric laser cutting machine is for industry which requires continue fabric cut. It’s with auto feed system and stainless steel conveyor belt. Customers can set the machine keep cutting until roll fabric is finished. It saves labor cost and work time and improve its production capability.

Applicable industry

  1. Leather laser engraving is used in leather garment: all kinds of shoes, leather and artificial leather cutting, leather surface pattern carving and cutting, all kinds of clothing and textile pattern cutting.
  2. Leather laser engraving is used in clothing and luggage: Chinese clothing, western clothing, woolen clothing, silk clothing, cotton clothing, fur clothing, down clothing, and etc. handbag, shoulder bag, crossbody bag, wallet, backpack, briefcase, computer bag, camera bag, medical bag, travel bag, leather bag, pu bag, pvc bag, canvas bag, cloth bag, shop bag, purse, trolley bag, kits, suitcase.


(1) How to choose a right machine?

Please share your need to us. we will recommend the right jeans laser cutting machine.

(2) Is the software free?

Yes, leather laser cutting machine software is free.

(3) Is the fabric laser cutting machine easy to use?

Yes, fabric laser cutting machine is easy to operate. we supply operation manual and video.

You can operate the machine in two days with our assist.

(4) welcome your inquiry if any other questions..

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