CO2 Laser Engraver Machines

Laser Engraver Machines Five Processing Characteristics

Metal laser engraver machines are thus leaders in the field of deep laser engraving. They engrave, mark, smoothen, frost and process steels, ceramics and plastics with exceptional reliability and precision. Laser engraving machines are used for laser engraving industrial parts like medical devices,parts for automotive and aerospace construction or tools and molds precisely.


metal laser engraver machine


Metal laser engraver machine offers precise and aesthetical engraving and cutting of non-metal materials. The machine primarily uses CO2 gas along with electricity to produce a laser beam that can cut through or engrave most materials. A glass tube helps to focus laser beam onto the surface of the material, the beam goes down the tube and out the nozzle through focus lens. Once the beam exits the tube, it comes in contact with the surface of the material to be engraved. The speed can be controlled to ensure smooth and reliable engraving moreover the worktable it comes with is able to work with hard materials such as wood, acrylic etc. The metal laser engraver machine comes with a control panel that displays the progress of the graphics.


metal laser engraver machine


Laser processing is the most advanced processing techniques, CNC laser engraving machine is the practical application of laser processing. So metal laser engraver machine also has the advantage of laser machining features, and the concrete has five main features:

(1) laser processing of high energy beam machining, power density can be as high as 108-1010 W/cm2, almost any metal materials processing and nonmetal materials;

(2) laser processing no obvious mechanical force, there is no tools loss, laser speed, heat affected zone is small, easy to realize automation laser process;

(3) laser can be through the glass and transparent material processing, such as vacuum tubes of internal devices such as welding;

(4) the laser can be formed through focus micron grade flare, output power of the size can be adjusted, so it can carry on the fine fine processing;

(5) can reach an average of 0.01 mm and 0.001 mm machining precision of the highest machining precision and surface roughness value can reach 0.4-0.1 um.

How does laser engraving work?

During the laser marking process, a beam of intense light is directed onto the surface to be worked and driven with moving mirrors or with a plotter head to create the image. Regardless of the type of engraving you perform, it is essential to have efficient, accurate and professional laser engraver,

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