Gantry Type Plasma Cutting Machine

Gantry CNC Plasma Cutter for Carbon Steel Sheet

A gantry CNC (Computer Numerical Control) plasma cutter is a machine used for cutting various materials, including carbon steel sheets, with high precision. The term “gantry” refers to the structure of the machine, where the cutting tool is mounted on a horizontal gantry that moves along the X and Y axes, while the material being cut is fixed on a table or bed.

gantry cnc cutting machine

Except for table type, it is another common construction that is always adopted by plasma cnc machine. Unlike table one, gantry type cnc plasma cutting machine is no longer restricted by container size in shipping as it has no bed. Based on this feature, it is an ideal solution for giant carbon steel sheet cutting.

Gantry CNC plasma cutting machine is mainly composed of a machine-tool part and a plasma cutter. The machine tool part refers explicitly to construction with only beam and upright columns (gantry), but without a working bed. The unique structure (gantry without bed) opens many possibilities for cutting size.

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  • Gantry plasma cutting machine is engineered for large format metal plate cutting. gantry cnc plasma cutting machine
  • In terms of configuration, it can come with multiple plasma cutting torches, flame / oxy-fuel cutting torches according to the requirements; it has excellent productivity.
  • About the cost, the price of this type of equipment will be relatively high. If you want to know the difference between plasma cutting and flame cutting, please read flame cutting vs. plasma cutting。

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What Advantage Does the Gantry CNC Flame Cutting Machine Have?

  1. Precision Cutting: Gantry CNC plasma cutters offer high precision and accuracy. They use a computer program to control the movement of the cutting torch, ensuring that cuts are made with minimal errors.
  2. Versatility: These machines can cut a wide range of materials, but they are particularly well-suited for cutting carbon steel. They can handle various thicknesses of carbon steel sheets.
  3. Speed: CNC plasma cutters are faster than manual cutting methods. The machine can move quickly and maintain a consistent cutting speed, resulting in efficient production.
  4. Customization: With CNC programming, you can create intricate and custom designs for cutting carbon steel sheets. This is particularly useful for fabricators and manufacturers who need to produce complex parts.
  5. Heat-Affected Zone (HAZ): Plasma cutting does generate some heat, which can affect the edges of the cut. However, with proper settings and techniques, you can minimize the heat-affected zone, which is important for maintaining the material’s structural integrity.
  6. Safety: Gantry CNC plasma cutters should be operated with safety measures in place, including adequate ventilation to remove fumes generated during the cutting process and safety gear for the operator.

Gantry CNC plasma cutter are widely used in industries such as metal fabrication, automotive manufacturing, and construction due to their ability to cut materials like carbon steel with speed, precision, and customization. When using these machines, it’s important to have a good understanding of the specific cutting parameters and material properties to achieve the desired results.

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