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Light stone engraving machine_Small stone engraving machine

Light-duty marble stone carving machine-This light-duty stone carving machine is mainly used for the carving of thin slab stones such as marble, bluestone, granite, etc. It is fully computer-controlled and easy to operate. Flat carving, relief carving, etc. can be carried out on the corresponding plate. Because of its low price, it is deeply trusted by the majority of small stone carving factories.

Advantages of light stone engraving machine

  1. The machine bed structure of the stone engraving machine has high dynamic precision and good rigidity

The stable and high-speed engraving processing movement depends largely on the mechanical structure of the machine tool. The main features of the machine tool structure are: high-precision motion units are used for all three axes: linear guide rails and rack transmission methods imported from Germany, sliders with preload, The movement has no gap, the rigidity of the overall casting structure provides a stable working platform, the machine tool vibration of the engraving machine is extremely small, the engraving machine moves smoothly, the noise is low, and the finished product has a high finish. Strict production management system ensures high-standard motion positioning accuracy, repeat positioning accuracy, motion sensitivity, etc., to ensure that the engraving machine has good machining motion characteristics, and the engraved finished graphics have smooth edges and high definition.

  1. stone engraving machineHigh-precision, high-speed, low-noise spindle motor

The engraving machine mainly uses tools for engraving processing, which has high requirements on the precision and speed of the spindle motor:

The spindle motor has a high speed, which can provide a higher speed for the tool and ensure that the tool can have better engraving ability in engraving.

High precision, low noise, and small runout of tool clamping, so that the tool can be engraved smoothly.

  1. stone engraving machine
  1. Sophisticated drive technology

The motor drive technology is the foundation of the movement of the engraving machine. The fine drive technology provides a guarantee for the fine engraving. The drive system makes the machine bed move smoothly and has high control precision. The control resolution can reach 0.002mm/pulse, and the movement speed and acceleration can reach higher High level, greatly improves the average speed of movement.

  1. Professional and stable CNC numerical control system

The starting acceleration is large, the back movement is stable, and the high and stable feed speed and high acceleration are maintained during the processing, which effectively improves the processing efficiency and the finished product has a high finish.

  1. stone engraving machine

Light Stone Engraving Machine

◆Stable bed structure: Drawing on the advantages of the aircraft type steel welded bed, high-quality seamless steel welding, the gantry and the bed are directly connected, the bed is designed with double beams, and the gantry and the work surface are supported by reinforced beams respectively , to ensure the running stability of the machine.

◆Protection design: The three axes are exclusively protected by full dust-proof and waterproof process, which protects the transmission parts of the machine in an all-round way, ensures that the guide rails, gears and racks are protected from cutting dust and waste chips, and prolongs the service life of the parts.

◆Brand high-power drive motor: larger driving torque, higher precision, stable engraving with the spindle, and high stability. The Y-axis is driven by dual motors synchronously, with high speed and stable overall operation.

  1. stone engraving machine

◆Rotating shaft: thimble + chuck, double insurance fixing method, equipped with brand reducer, rotation without gap, strong durability.

◆Three-axis fully waterproof and dustproof design, all-round protection of machine transmission parts.

◆Using high-precision rack and pinion transmission, high precision, high speed and great power. The maximum running speed can reach 30M/MIN, and the engraving 2MM small characters are clear and distinct.

◆Brand frequency conversion water-cooled spindle: high power, good rigidity, can cut 8mm thick copper plate with one knife, the gantry movement is fast, stable and uniform, and the whole machine has no shaking phenomenon.

  1. stone engraving machine

◆High-power spindle motor, strong chip cutting force and high efficiency. The average processing efficiency of high speed, embossing, engraving, cutting, etc. is several times higher than that of ordinary engraving machines.


Lightweight Marble Stele Carving Machine


Scope of application: Widely used in the carving of stone components such as TV background walls, porches, screens, villa exterior wall reliefs, art sculptures, fences, etc. Door brick carving, railing relief, stigma, etc.


Funeral industry: It is widely used in the engraving of stele sets and encircling tomb components. It is mainly used for batch processing of stele caps, stele pillars, railings, enclosures, and stone lions. It can also be used for stele inscriptions and various line carving techniques. Or various dragon and phoenix reliefs are mostly processed, and the stele columns are mostly semi-disc dragon columns or column links.


Engineering ancient buildings: bridge railings reliefs, cultural wall sculptures, garden antique sculptures, various engineering cards, carvings of completed monuments, various inscription plaques, antique stone windows, brick carvings, etc.


Materials that can be processed by stone engraving machine: sandstone, marble, bluestone, granite, various artificial stones, glass, Vant stone and other stones, as well as other MDF, solid wood board, synthetic board, multi-layer board, planed board, cork, Raw wood, PVC, gypsum, two-color board, aluminum-plastic board, hibiscus board, plexiglass, acrylic, ABS, light box sheet, light guide plate, horn, various metals, various rigid plastics, etc.


Main functions: stone lettering, stone relief, stone yang carving, stone yin carving, stone line carving, stone cutting, stone hollowing

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