Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

Metal Fibe Laser Rust And Paint Remover For Sale

The laser rust and paint remover is advantageous in the cleaning field. It is increasingly popularizing due to its advantages of non-grinding, non-contact, no thermal effects, being applicable to a variety of materials and objects, and high-effective removal of rust, oil, film, oxide, paint, and other pollutants on the surface of the object without damage to the substrate. In some special scenarios, it has even been the only effective cleaning equipment, such as the removal of sub-micron pollution particles, whose adhesion is too strong to be removed by conventional cleaning methods. However, the laser rust and paint remover for sale is able to process these high-viscous particles. In addition, it is safe to clean precision workpieces and small areas with the laser cleaning machine.The handheld laser machine for rust removal can remove the resin,oil, stains, dirt, rust, coating, plating, paint on the surface of the object.

Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

Application field of thef laser rust and paint remover

Laser rust remover can removal of surface coating on metal or workpiece;
Quickly laser to remove rust, oxide scale and dry paint;
Remove resin, grease, residual glue, dust, dirt, and production residues;
Coarse metal surface treatment;
Dry paint before welding or bonding, remove rust, oil stains, residual glue, and residual glue after welding;
Mold cleaning, such as tire molds, electronic molds, and food molds;
Dirty oil removal after the production and processing of precision parts;
Nuclear power components are quickly cleaned during maintenance
Oxidation treatment and rust laser removal during the production or maintenance of aerospace weapons and ships
Cultural relic cleaning, outside the building

Laser Rust And Paint RemoverAdvantages of laser rust and paint remover
1)Environmental protection – no chemical reagents, no solvent, low noise
2)Easy operation – contactless processing, portable, mobile work
3)No damage – only remove surface contaminants
4)Easy to automate – easy integration, high efficiency

Laser Cleaning MachineLaser cleaning equipment is a new type of high-tech surface treatment products that integrate laser, software, hardware and control.
The system can effectively clean the surface of the object. Compared with traditional cleaning methods, laser cleaning has no pollution.
Dyeing, no loss, high efficiency, which can meet various applications such as degreasing, rusting, paint removal, and coating removal on the surface of objects demand.
The equipment has been specially adjusted for tire mold cleaning applications with professional

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