Laser Cutting Machine

Metal fence laser cutting machine _ dual-purpose fiber laser cutting machine for plate and tube

Laser cutting machine engraves metal guardrails, a new model of fashion and simplicity. Many people have a loft dream. Although it is not big, it is warm. There are not so many functional partitions, you can decorate as you like. Create your own ideal life without restraint. Stairs are the connection and soul of loft life. Wrought iron stairs have become the first choice for many people because of their fashion and sturdiness, occupying less space and high safety. Breaking through tradition is probably the spirit of many loft owners. Metal stairs with various shapes can meet the needs of most people. It can be complex or simple in shape, spiral or suspended, flexible and convenient.

Laser Cutting MachineMetal fence laser cutting machine

These can be easily completed under the processing of the metal guardrail laser cutting machine. The metal guardrail laser cutting machine is a new generation of safe, efficient and energy-saving upgraded metal sheet laser cutting equipment. The beam is equipped with imported high-efficiency transmission system, fast exchange platform, high-precision dual-drive rack and pinion and linear guide rails, and adopts CYPCUT control system to assemble into a precise fiber laser cutting machine. The equipment has good dynamic performance, fast servo response and small thermal effect, and is especially suitable for sheet metal processing.

Laser Cutting Machine

The dual-purpose fiber laser cutting machine for plates and tubes can realize the cutting of two different materials on the same machine tool, which can cut both plates and profiles (including square tubes, round tubes, channel steel, angle steel, etc.), and carbon steel, Stainless steel can be cut. One machine is multi-purpose, high cost performance, professional pipe cutting CNC system, high precision, full function, easy to use, simple operation, suitable for comprehensive processing and manufacturing enterprises.

Laser Cutting Machine

Features of dual-purpose fiber laser cutting machine for plate and tube:

  1. Small size, light weight, suitable for outdoor operations, low energy consumption, simple operation without drawing;
  2. The inner, outer, “X” and “Y” grooves can be opened, which is suitable for pipes with poor centerness;
  3. The double sprocket structure has a longer service life, and the flexible track is rough for the steel pipe and has strong deformation adaptability.
  4. Highly integrated and long service life.
  5. It integrates cutting board and pipe cutting.
  6. can be used for stainless steel, carbon steel and other materials
  7. It can process various pipes such as round pipes, oval pipes, square pipes, rectangular pipes and so on.
  8. The diameter and length of the processed pipe can be customized according to customer needs.
  9. A variety of imported and domestic lasers with different powers are available for selection.
  10. Advanced chuck clamping system, automatic center positioning.
  11. Fully intelligent numerical control system, man-machine exchange operation interface.
  12. High efficiency and energy saving greatly reduce the production cost.
  13. Lower equipment protection and maintenance requirements.

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