Mini acrylic laser cutting machine for home

Acrylic laser cutting machine can cut transparent and colored acrylic sheets into letters, numbers, signs, logos, patterns, arts and crafts. Depending on the type of acrylic acid you are using, when the laser is cut, the acrylic laser cutting machine can create a smooth, flame polished edge. It can also produce bright cold white engraving during engraving.

A common laser machine for the laser cutting of the acrylic sheet is a CO2 laser cutting machine. The CO2 acrylic laser cutting machine has a lower power compared to the fiber laser. They are ideal for non-metallic materials such as acrylic acid and wood. In addition to cutting, acrylic laser cutters can also achieve acrylic carving.

Acrylic laser cutting machine is typically achieved by relatively slow speed and high power. The cutting process allows the laser beam to melt the edge of acrylic acid and substantially produce the edge of the flame polishing.

6090 Laser Engraving Machine

Laser cutting acrylic thickness

The thickness of the acrylic laser cutting machine depends on the power of the laser cutter.

The 30W or 40W CO2 acrylic laser cutting machine will cut up to 6 mm thick acrylic acid. As the power is increased, you will be able to increase the thickness you can use. 50W or 60W acrylic laser cutting machine can be cut near 9 mm acrylic acid. The 75W or 120W laser allows you to cut closer to 12 mm or may have two 20 mm acrylic acids.

Advantages of acrylic laser cutting machine

As one of the most advantageous of acrylic cutting and acrylic carving, the acrylic laser cutting machine has many major benefits to traditional tools.

The acrylic laser cutting machine method reduces the processing time and improves efficiency. It produces crystal clear edges without additional post-processing. In addition, due to the reduced processing time, the cost of processed acrylic acid by laser cutter can be reduced by 88% compared to conventional milling machines, and there is no reduced processing time, and there is no additional tool and grinding cost.

Product consistency is a big challenge to the company, especially in mass production. Acrylic laser cutting machine have high efficiency and precise to rapid production of products.


Acrylic laser cutting machine recommended

Acrylic laser cutting machine is a particularly universal application of a carbon dioxide laser cutting machine because of high quality results. Regardless of the shape or the depth, our acrylic laser cutting machine can be accurately and effectively cut and engraved with acrylic materials.

CO2 Laser Engraver Machines

1390 CO2 acrylic laser cutting machine

This acrylic laser cutting machine, it uses a size of 1300 * 900mm, and the laser power is 150W. Many people think that the laser cutters can only cut metal materials, but in fact, the laser cutters is widely used, and daily non-metallic materials and metal materials can be cut. All parts are high quality or famous brands to ensure the stability and reliability of acrylic carving and cutting. The CO2 acrylic laser cutting machine is equipped with a rotating device. Therefore, it is suitable for engraving on cylindrical components.

laser metal engraving machine

1325 CO2 acrylic laser cutting machine

This is a large platform acrylic laser cutting machine. The newly designed laser cutting machine uses advanced control systems and drives to control operations. Its work size is 1300 * 2500, which is suitable for large acrylic sheet laser cutting. Equipped with auto focus laser heads, automatic adjustment of acrylic carving and cutting depth. It is best to apply to a factory in mass production of laser cut acrylic acid and laser engraving acrylic products.


There are many companies on the market that provide acrylic laser cutting machine. There is also a large price gap. If you do not need a large number of laser cutting projects, or cannot afford the cost of a acrylic laser cutting machine for the time being, you can choose an ordinary CNC engraving machine, which can also cut acrylic. However, if you are a company that processes laser-cut acrylic products in batches, then buying an acrylic laser cutting machine is your best choice.

Although the cost of acrylic laser cutting services is relatively low, the quality of laser cutting is different. Therefore, while comparing prices, we must also pay attention to the qualifications of the manufacturers. In addition, if there is no acrylic laser cutting service provider, you may have to wait in line. Even if they can provide such a service now, the service provider will have to spend some time sending the laser-cut acrylic products back. If you need them urgently, it may delay your schedule.

Therefore, please choose a guaranteed manufacturer to purchase, you can solve the above-mentioned problems. Once you have a good acrylic cutting idea, you can start the laser cutting machine at any time without waiting. Through proper use and maintenance, acrylic laser cutting machine can have a long service life.

1325 Automated Wood Door Engraving Machine CNC Router


Are you ready to start your custom laser cutting acrylic business?

Acrylic is a very easy to use and durable material. Laser-cut acrylic products are beautiful and practical, so they are very popular among consumers.

One of the best acrylic laser cutting machine is a CO2 acrylic laser cutting machine. Compared with competing technologies, acrylic laser cutting machine can provide many advantages. The CO2 laser cutting machine is very cost-effective and is widely loved by consumers. Laser cutting is easy, fast, fast, high precision, and saves materials due to its accuracy. It can cut various thicknesses.

IGOLDEN acrylic laser cutting machine can customize the power and size according to your needs.

In addition to acrylic laser cutting machine, acrylic CNC engraving machine is also an excellent choice for acrylic engraving and cutting. Acrylic CNC engraving machine also has the characteristics of high cutting efficiency, high precision, and good cutting quality. Acrylic laser cutting machine and acrylic CNC engraving machine are ideal machines for custom acrylic cutting and engraving.

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