Cutter Cutting Machine

Oscillating Vibration Knife Digital Cutter Cutting Machine

Digital knife cutting machine

In recent years the world has paid more and more attention to environmental protection issues. So more and more manufacturers have begun to use oscillating knife cutting machine. The vibrating knife cutting machine uses a blade that vibrates up and down or high speed rotary round blade to cut materials.

Cutter Cutting MachineOscillating knife cutter

The advantages of the oscillating knife cutter:

  1. No smell. Blade cutting machine uses a sharp blade to cut material. there will be no smell problems.
  2. The cutting edge is perfect. vibrating knife cutting machine will not be burn cutting edge to black or yellow. It is good for later process.
  3. High work speed. The cutting speed of the vibrating knife can be as high as 1000mm/s. Itcan increase the production capacity to a greater extent. A cutting machine is equivalent to 4 to 6 workers.
  4. solve the problem of  small batches of special shaped orders. the vibrating knife cutting machine only needs to import the design drawing from the computer to the machine, then the machine will cut the designed shapes.

Cutter Cutting Machine

Oscillating knife cutting machine can cut leather, fabric, textile, cardboard, plastic box, fiberglass, sticker, film, foam board, rubber, cloth, gasket, garment cloth, footwear, bags, non woven fabrics, seat cover, carpets, rugs, sponge, and etc.

Cutter Cutting Machine

Advantages of digital cutting

It’s my opinion that if you’re looking to make your marketing materials a little more engaging, a custom shape goes a long way. So how do we turn this idea into reality? Surely the easiest way is to equip ourselves with a digital cutter that can make cuts and score different shapes in various types of material whether rigid or soft, such as paper, cardboard, foam or Forex.

Currently the market offers a wide choice of solutions for digital cutting, with different prices and sizes, from small to very large, and with different performance or cutting capability. The majority of these machines are conceived for single processes, some with flat tables, others with conveyors, and the most advanced with dual gantry that grant a sort of tandem mode and theoretically double the performance but in all cases and despite the technology, they need an operator capable of using the equipment and who can load the materials.

Cutter Cutting MachineDigital flatbed cutting machines come with a system to detect printing registration marks, a bundle of software capable of managing different file formats and making the daily duties easier and quicker . Additional software that helps generate packaging, POS/POP display or any other similar application has become a standard of the market.

All these characteristics often make digital cutters appear very interesting and attractive to a lot of end-users, but possibly their capabilities are still far from the expectations of automation and speed required by the high-volume printing companies. This is demonstrated by the growing number of producers attending trade fairs, both directly and through dealers, with products of all sizes and prices – and, I would add, quality!

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