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Laser Wood Cutting Machine For Beginners

A laser cutter can be used to cut many different types of wood, however not all types are suitable for laser cutting. The varieties that work best with laser cutting including oak, basswood and alder.

Wood laser cutting machine applicable industries: Textile, garment, industrial fabrics, carpets, cloth toys, decorative cloth, automotive interiors and other industries. CO2 laser cutting system applicable materials: Clothing, textiles, leather, maple leaf, double-color sheet, acrylic, wood, paper, leather, etc.

CO2 Laser Engraver Machine, CO2 Laser Cutter Machine,The most common CO2 laser engraving machine, the standard worktable size is 1390 and 1610, equipped with 40-150w laser tube, in line with European CE certificate, a wide range of applications.

laser metal engraving machine

CO₂  and fiber laser technology

The right cutting technology for every requirement. Depending on the materials that are to be processed and the desired cutting quality and level of productivity, users have the choice between CO2 laser cutting systems and fiber laser cutting systems.

Fiber lasers achieve high cutting speeds in thin material thicknesses. Additionally they boast low power consumption while requiring little maintenance. The special properties of this laser cutting technology enable applications in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and non-ferrous metals, such as copper and brass.

wood laser engraving machine

CO2 lasers are characterized by their high cutting quality. Their primary area of application lies in the medium to high range of material thicknesses. The cutting edges achieved with the laser beam excel through burr-free cutting and low scoring. This means that the cut parts can be processed further without reworking.

Wood Laser Cutter – Engraving & Cutting Machines For Wood

Our machines have been utilised in a huge range of industries, from compact modern CNC machines for schools and workshops to purpose built machines for complete production lines. With a wood laser cutter, you can drastically increase production whilst lowering costs. Our British design and manufactured wood laser cutting machines are of the highest quality, leaving a feather-free cut so there is no need for a ‘post process’ to sand the edge – a major advantage compared to other machines such as routers. It’s important to understand that we do offer a wide range of wood laser cutting machines for different requirements, so if you’re unsure on the best system for your specific application, it’s best to contact a member of our team. That said, with any of our systems, you’re guaranteed a reliable wood laser cutter that marks and engraves most woods, as well as plywood and MDF, but they can also cut or engrave many other materials, including ceramics, stone, glass, card, paper and fabric.

laser wood cutting machine parameters

Laser Type Sealed CO2 laser tube
Laser Power 150w/ 180W/ 260W/ 300W
Cutting Area 1300*2500mm
Cutting Speed 0 – 24000mm/min
Resetting Positioning Accuracy ±0.1mm
Working Voltage AC 110 -220V±10%, 50-60Hz
Gross Power <1,500W
Operating Temperature 0-45℃
Operating Humidity 5-95%
Minimum Shaping Character English 1x1mm
Cooling Mode Water-cooling and protection system
Auxiliary Equipments Exhaust-fans, air-exhaust pipe
Controlling Software DSP control system
Compatible Software CorelDraw/ AutoCAD/ Photoshop

How to choose a laser wood cutting machine?

1. Determine the material and content to be processed: select the appropriate laser tube power, such as acrylic and two-color plate engraving does not require too much laser tube power, but for example, wood and stone engraving and cutting of any material may be A higher power laser tube is needed to get more results with half the effort.

2. The size of the product to be processed: it is the choice of the laser engraving machine format, but it should be noted that a large machine format is not necessarily good, because large-format equipment is of course more expensive, and some poor-quality machinery and equipment are large The average degree of laser output at each point on the format is unstable, resulting in different depths of engraved products on the same table, so it is correct to choose the most appropriate format.

3. Speed: In a short time, more products can be produced at a faster speed to create higher profits. Therefore, the speed of speed is often the key to receiving orders and quickly recovering costs.

4. Accuracy: Accuracy is inseparable from the transmission method. Our equipment uses Leisai motors, which are equipped with belt transmission as standard, and can be upgraded to screw transmission to improve working accuracy.

5. After-sales service:

In all mechanical service industries, after actual use, what the user is most worried about and needs most is the timeliness and continuity of after-sales service. Must ensure the normal operation of the machine to ensure production. Let professional people do professional things, even if there is simple training that can easily handle some subtle problems, it is not as convenient and relieved to let professional manufacturers contract after-sales problems.

The high-standard commitment of machinery and equipment after-sales service is not only to give customers confidence in a choice, but also to reflect their high standards: from market positioning to mechanical design, from procurement, assembly, quality inspection, and even after-sales. Only by demanding a strict system can we stand the test of the market.

6. Added value:

Buying machines is buying benefits, buying time, and buying money-making machines;

Buying a machine is also a way of production and management, a wider circle of friends, and even a laser era;


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