Automated Wood Door Engraving CNC Router 1325

1325 CNC Router For Woodworking & Door Furnitures Cabinets

1325 cnc router for woodworking are designed for Ads industry with pure aluminum, which ensures the parallelism and greatly increases the precision and speed of the engine bed.

Automated Wood Door Engraving CNC Router 1325

It is a CNC routers for woodworking and can be applied in cutting of kneading board of large size and making of large-scale relief and label. The size of the machine is calculated and customized according to optimization rules in market Statistics.

CNC wood router is a kind of CNC router machine specially used to process wood materials.It is also known as the multifunctional wood CNC machine, CNC wood carving machine, CNC wood cutting machine, professional wood router machine, CNC routers for woodworking, 3D CNC router for wood, and wood carving machine near me.

The Functions of The 1325 cnc router for woodworking:

1. Breakpoint and continue carving
Start carving from any percentage, woodworking engraving machine or carving to the end of a certain percentage. You can stop engraving at any time and choose a percentage to continue engraving the next time you open it.

2. Virtual processing
According to the set parameters, the actual machining process is displayed virtually. You can observe the treatment effect in advance and make judgments in advance.

3. Real-time display of processing path
Before processing, first, display all processing paths, and display the current position in real-time during processing. We can observe the actual carving situation in order to make a correct judgment.

4. Automatically close the spindle
After completing certain functions, the spindle is automatically closed. For some larger circuit boards, if you need to leave halfway, you can choose to automatically turn off the spindle motor after completion.

5. Automatic origin positioning
It can automatically return to the set zero points from any position. After installing the copper-clad plate and adjusting the position of the carving knife, the zero points can be set. No matter what you do in the future, you can easily return to the processing location at any time.

6. Select any area to be carved
Select an area to be carved. If some surface areas of the circuit board are uneven and cannot be engraved correctly, you can use this function to re-engrave specific areas.

7. Combination carving
Select two engraving knives, and automatically allocate the engraving area. Without affecting the accuracy of engraving, choosing a large engraving knife can quickly mill out a larger blank area.

8. Positioning holes and positioning pins
Pre-drill positioning holes and use positioning pins when reinstalling, not only to ensure accuracy but also to facilitate installation. After removing the circuit board, it is difficult to reinstall it with the naked eye. After using the positioning pin, the reinstallation will be more convenient. Used in conjunction with the automatic origin positioning function, the effect is better.

1325 CNC Router For Woodworking

1325 cnc router for woodworking Application:
Furniture industry: various types of doors, windows, cabinets, shelves, tables, chairs, sofas, beds, desks, night stands
Decoration industry: door frames, photo frames, mirror frames, screens, lights, holiday decorations Craft industry: artworks, gifts, souvenirs, clock frames, holiday ornaments Advertising industry: advertising signs, logos, labels, 3D letters and numbers, double color boards, acrylic nameplates, company names, LED lights Other wooden products: printed circuit boards, isolated materials, engraving or routing of home appliance enclosures, EVA packages of tools and devices, engraving or routing of the lining material of medical equipment, electronics or other containers

We all know that woodworking CNC router can not only complete ordinary cutting and perforation, but also accurately complete the complicated edge banding and engraving processes. Therefore, it is often used in the furniture industry, furniture decoration industry, woodworking decoration industry, and musical instrument industry. And wooden crafts industry. In order to ensure that the woodworking routercan work normally, we must not only ensure the personal safety of the operators, but also conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment before its work.

1325 CNC Router Machine

When it comes to woodworking, a CNC router can provide greater precision and accuracy than traditional woodworking tools, such as saws and drills. This is because the machine is programmed to follow specific design instructions, which ensures that the resulting product is consistent and exact.

When using a CNC router for door furniture and cabinets, it can be used to cut out intricate designs, create dovetail joints, and drill precise holes for hinges and handles. Additionally, CNC routers can be used to produce multiple identical pieces, making it easier to mass-produce products.

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