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Panel Furniture Production Equipment Program

The high-end panel furniture production line equipment program is mainly composed of three major equipment such as a straight-line tool change processing center, an edge banding machine, and a six-sided drill, as well as a precision saw, a stacked arm edge banding machine, a dual-spindle hinge drill, a metal strip cutting machine and other supporting machines. , It can meet the production and processing of the whole house customized factory, the machine combination is flexible, the process is changeable, and the automated production mode meets the needs of the customer’s entire factory.

The CNC cutting equipment (in-line machining center) can be equipped with an automatic labeling machine, which is mainly used for the production and processing of panel furniture and cabinet door panels, grooving, engraving and cutting processing, and processing common panel furniture two in one, three the installation hole position of the all-in-one connector has the function of processing some types of invisible connectors. It is suitable for diversified and complex product processing or diverse processing. It has a wide range of drawings. It can be blanked, drilled, cut, engraved, etc. at one time, especially suitable for customization The production and processing according to the demand, with the numerical control six-sided drill, the front-end intelligent automatic labeling and efficient cutting and cutting, no need to turn the plate processing, automatic queuing and continuous processing, simple operation, efficient production capacity, labor saving and other advantages.

Four Process Nested CNC Router

 ►Straight-line tool change machining center

Introduction: The vertical automatic tool change machining center can engrave wood products such as furniture, wooden doors, cabinets, tables, chairs, doors and windows. It has an independent tool magazine and can automatically change the required tools during the processing of the workpiece without stopping work.


  1. It is suitable for multiple and complex product processing or multiple processing, with a wide range of functions, such as drilling, cutting, side milling, chamfering, etc.
  2. The mechanical and electrical parts of this model are all internationally renowned brands.
  3. Straight-line automatic tool change, the tool magazine capacity is 12 tools, the tool change time is fast, and the efficiency is high.
  4. Strong software compatibility.
  5. Optional automatic loading and unloading platform, automatic labeling machine and other configurations.

CNC Automatic Edge Banding Machine

Automatic edge banding machine

Introduction: Edge banding machine. Scope of application: suitable for panel furniture, custom furniture, cabinet wardrobes, office furniture, solid wood furniture, tables, chairs, doors and windows, wood products, decoration and decoration industries, etc. Processable plates: suitable for density board, ecological board, multi-layer Board, particle board, flat solid wood board, aluminum honeycomb board and other boards.

Main functions: Pre-milling-Gluing welt 1-Six rounds pressing-baking lamp 1-Gluing welt 2-Six rounds pressing-baking light 2-Front and back-Finishing 1-Finishing 2-Tracking trimming- Pneumatic edge scraping-flat scraping-pneumatic polishing 1-pneumatic polishing 2-screen one-button control front and rear cleaning.

Scope of application: suitable for panel furniture, custom furniture, cabinets and wardrobes, office furniture, solid wood furniture, tables, chairs, doors and windows, wood products, decoration and decoration industries.

Processable board: suitable for various boards such as density board, ecological board, multi-layer board, particle board, flat solid wood board, aluminum honeycomb board and so on.

Six Sides Cnc Drilling Machine

 ►CNC six-sided drill

The CNC six-sided drill can be directly connected with a variety of order-dismantling software, and is mainly used for the six-face (hinge hole, through hole, semi-through hole) and horizontal drawing groove of all kinds of artificial plates.

  1. The system recognizes processing information by scanning the code, which is intelligent and efficient.
  2. Computer operation, CAD drawing, CAM import, direct import of open data formats such as DXF, MPR, xml, etc., convenient operation.
  3. Adopt double gripper guide rail, intelligently detect the hole position information to effectively avoid the hole opening position, reduce the hand-changing time during the drilling process, the gripper stroke exceeds 5.5 meters, the large plate can be grasped and processed at one time, and the large side plate of the wardrobe is drilled. The hole processing time is greatly shortened.
  4. Equipped with air-floating workbench and air-floating pressure plate, the upper and lower surfaces of the plate will form an air layer during the processing process, which improves the conveying efficiency of the plate and avoids scratching the plate. The pressure plate is drilled at the same time to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the drilling;
  5. According to the production output and production technology, the processing mode can be selected, and the next board can be processed after the board is processed.

Wood Cutting Saw Machine

Precision saw

Introduction: Precision saws are suitable for processing all kinds of wood structures such as density board, particle board, artificial board, ABS board, PVC board, plexiglass board and solid wood, and the longitudinal section and transverse cutting of boards with similar hardness.

Curve and straight edge banding machine

Introduction: The curved straight line edge banding machine can be used for the edge banding operation of plate-type straight line and arc-shaped irregular frame.

Double-head hinge drill

Introduction: Double-head hinge drill application range: mainly for loose leaf and hinge drilling, used for hinge drilling of furniture door panels, such as wardrobe door panels, cabinet doors, office furniture door panels, etc. The drilling position can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. Conveniently and quickly adapt to drilling processing requirements.

Metal strip cutting machine

Introduction: The metal strip cutting machine is mainly for the inlay of new Chinese style door panels. It can be cut or one piece of continuous cutting can be cut during cutting.

Other matters

  1. This production line solution can be upgraded for automated production connection in the future.
  2. The production plan is only a recommended plan. To confirm whether it meets the processing requirements, please contact the account manager to provide a customized production line solution.

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