CNC cutting machines

Advantages of woodworking cutting machine with automatic tool change

Woodworking cutting machines are widely used in panel furniture production lines. More and more people choose woodworking cutting machine. What makes woodworking splitters stand out?

The cutting precision is high.

Compared with traditional machines, the configuration of CNC cutting machine has been improved, and its control system has also been upgraded and improved. The data processing speed is fast, so the cutting speed is fast, the operation is stable, and the cutting precision is high.

CNC cutting machinesAutomatically realize the switching of various tools.

The woodworking cutting machine has an automatic tool changing system. If the hole diameter is large, the processing of large diameter three holes, rubber particle holes and wooden dowel holes can be realized by reaming to meet the production process requirements.

CNC cutting machines

Advantages of woodworking cutting machine_Follow-up in-line automatic tool change machining center

The utilization rate of the board is high.

The woodworking cutting machine has professional material separation and cutting software, which can intelligently typeset with zero error, increase the utilization rate of the board and reduce the waste of the board.

ATC Nesting CNC Machine with Gang Drilling

Reduce labor

The woodworking cutting machine has a high degree of automation and can be operated by one person. Professional cutting software is easy and fast to use, and can be adjusted according to customer requirements without a professional designer.

Now we all know why woodworking cutters stand out. Woodworking cutting machine is easy to operate, high utilization rate of board, high production efficiency, labor saving, and cost reduction advantages are what most furniture manufacturers need. Jiabang CNC sincerely invites customers to visit our company to inspect the machine. Our quality can stand the test, our technology can stand the test, and our service can stand the test.

ATC Nesting CNC Machine with Gang Drilling

Recommended equipment: follow-up in-line automatic tool change machining center

Follow-up inline automatic tool change machining center, equipped with 9.0kw air-cooled spindle, optional inline tool change and disc tool change. Usually used in conjunction with labeling machines and automatic loading and unloading platforms. Fast, high precision, efficient and stable. It is suitable for the processing of various cabinet doors and wooden doors. The material is cut, punched, slotted and pushed into one body; the utilization rate of the board is as high as 98%, which saves the material cost; heavy industrial quality, stable operation for ten years; easy to operate, quickly remove obstacles, and is conducive to learning.

Advantages of woodworking cutting machine_Follow-up in-line automatic tool change machining center

Features of follow-up in-line automatic tool change machining center:

(1) Optimized cutting, punching, grooving, perfect integration, uninterrupted process, maximized efficiency and output, and strong compatibility can be seamlessly connected with a variety of bill splitting software;

(2) Adopt 200×250 thick-walled square tube support structure, engineering aesthetic appearance design structure, tempering or vibration vector effect processing, and imported pentahedron metal machining center for high-precision milling;

(3) The side-mounted design structure with three flange sliders on one side is adopted, and the operation is stable. The rack guide rail design structure is completely dust-proof, and the guide rail adopts a segmented structure, which is more convenient to replace the guide rail without professionals;

(4) Numerical control system with stable performance and simple operation. Ordinary people can complete the operation through simple training without professional knowledge;

(5) The double-layer hollow vacuum adsorption table can adsorb plates of different sizes, and the minimum cutting plate can reach 25mm;

(6) The four-direction and six-action automatic plate positioning system is adopted, and the plate positioning is faster and more accurate. With the automatic detection system of the plate feeding position, it can effectively prevent various unexpected situations that may occur during the plate feeding process;

(7) Matching with the central intelligent dust removal system, it can ensure the effective cleaning and collection of particulate waste in all links and parts, and can effectively ensure the continuity of cutting work;

(8) Equipped with a central automatic lubrication system, and set up automatic oiling regularly to ensure the efficient operation of the machine

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