What is CNC router price?

The CNC router price directly affects the purchase cost of the user. What is the cost of the CNC router price? Where can I buy a cheap CNC router machine? These may be the necessary issues of people who want to buy CNC router machine. But I have to say that I can’t provide a clear CNC router machine. Because the CNC router machine cost varies in different specifications and configurations. In addition, there is a big difference between DIY CNC router machine and purchase CNC router machine.

This guide will show you the main and other factors affecting the CNC router price. For your reference, it also lists the price range of general CNC router machine in multiple tables to be processed. You can choose an affordable CNC router as needed.

Main factors affecting the CNC router price

There is a large number of factors that affect the CNC router price. However, the main factors are from the CNC router itself, including its specifications, configuration, processing materials, and brand or manufacturing.

You’d better figure out that you need an item before you purchase, especially for non-cheap number control machines. Because most CNC router machine may cost thousands of dollars. Therefore, you need to select an affordable CNC router according to your budget and CNC router project.

The following is the main factor affecting the price of CNC routers.

2.1 Specifications and configuration of CNC routers

The CNC router specifications mainly include operating size, machine size, weight, spindle power, speed, operating speed, power supply, etc., the price of small-specific machines is usually lower than those specifications.

The CNC router machine provides a variety of configurations. There are many optional CNC router tools, such as spindles, motors, drives, rails, control systems, bed frames, workbenches, tools, screws. There is also a lubrication system, dust removal system, reducer, vacuum pump, chuck, rotary shaft, limit switch, etc. These CNC router tools have different prices. In general, the higher the CNC router configuration, the higher the price. In addition, the import of the imported CNC router tool is higher than domestic.

Hobby / mini / desktop CNC router price $ 1,500- $ 5,000

mini cnc router

Hobby / mini / desktop CNC router

Hobby CNC machine is relatively small. It mainly includes 600 × 900 mm and 1200 × 1200 mm. This type of small CNC machine is compact and small in area.



Such CNC routers typically have small work sizes, so the CNC routers price is relatively low, about $ 1,500 to $ 5,000. The common work scale of this cheap number of control machine includes 600 * 900mm, 900 * 900mm, 1200 * 1200mm, 1200 * 1800mm, etc. As an affordable CNC router, many small seminars, family workshops or hobby can choose this machine. Develop their CNC router project.

Although the working scale is relatively small, this type of CNC router can handle multiple materials and have a large number of applications. It is widely used in advertising and handicrafts. This cheap CNC can meet the requirements of small production.

Standard and 3 axis CNC router price $ 5,000-30,000

3 axis Wood CNC router

The CNC wood router is also known as the CNC woodworking engraving machine in the wood CNC machinery industry. It refers to the ability of the CNC router to perform three different axes of different shafts of approximate X, Y, Z axis.


This type CNC routers price is $ 5,000 to $ 30,000. CNC routers have a wide variety of CNC router price, because the configuration of the CNC router machine can be unlimited by selecting different CNC router part. The basic CNC router mainly includes a CNC router, a motor, a drive, a vacuum pump, a rotating device, or the like with 3 axis or 4 axis, universal, T slots, and vacuum tablets. The more functions that the CNC router can achieve, the higher the CNC router cost. At the same time, the imported CNC router kit will additionally pay additional CNC router price. Usually, this is not a small or homework affordable CNC router. Some companies that are less than medium production may choose this type of CNC router to develop their CNC router projects.

Multi head ATC CNC routers price $ 30,000-100,000

Multi head and ATC CNC router

A multi-head engraving machine is a wood CNC machine, mainly for user design with small product dimensions and large processing volumes. This CNC wood router can customize its spindle according to the user’s specific processing requirements.


The type CNC routers price is from about $ 30,000 to $ 100,000. This type of machine has a similar structure and a standard CNC router machine. But the building is usually heavier. The frame is mainly steel and is strengthened. In addition, the CNC router part is more complex, such as 5 axis, multiple spindles, or imported high-power spindles, automatic tool changes, multiple individual heads, imported cooling systems, imported motors, drivers, inverters, controllers, etc.

Such CNC routers can achieve complex work processes, usually found in logo production, furniture production, stone and EPS cutting and engraving applications. Medium-high yield companies may purchase this CNC router to develop their CNC router projects.

The highest and industrial CNC routers price more than $ 100,000

Highest and industrial CNC routers

The 5-axis CNC router is a 5-axis-controlled machine that can simultaneously engrave on the workpiece of five different faces.


Such this kind of CNC routers price more than $ 100,000 and is also the largest and best CNC router machine. The CNC routers in this category may have 5 axis, two separate spindles, with two mobile tables, automatic tools, and other import or high power components and parts. And CNC router part may also be the best in class. With the relatively high price of CNC routers, it may not be a more affordable CNC router that is less than medium-sized enterprises. Many advanced and high-tech industries such as automotive and aerospace, usually use this type of CNC router.

2.2 Processing Materials

In addition to the specifications and configurations affecting the CNC router price, the price of CNC routers is also summarized based on different processing materials. As we know, a CNC router can handle multiple types of materials. Therefore, the goal of our price range is the main function of the CNC router or mainly processing materials. Each category has expensive and inexpensive CNC machines, so the number of CNC routers listed below is only a rough range. You can select an affordable CNC router according to your CNC router project.

The following tables provide a rough CNC router price range for wood, metal, stone and EPS.

Wood CNC router

In a broad, 4 axis CNC router means a CNC machine, and its processing path includes x, y, z, and shaft. We will talk about a 4-axis machine, and its spindle can swing around.


As the main products of our company, wood CNC routers are also the best sales CNC routers at home and abroad. We use a variety of configuration to create a wood CNC router, or custom CNC router machine according to customer needs. In addition to processing wood, wood CNC machine tools can also be used to treat other materials such as acrylic acid, MDF, resin, rubber, plastic, soft metal, etc., so if you want to use any of the above materials to develop your CNC router project, please don’t hesitate Choose an affordable CNC router from us.

In addition to the different sizes, functions, and CNC router kits, wood CNC routers may be large. If you have a strict budget or small businesses, you can choose a cheap one. However, if you are a large furniture manufacturer, you can also find a whole furniture production line, you can choose iGOLDEN ATC CNC router machine. Therefore, the CNC router price may be relatively high. The following table shows the price range of the CNC router price of our wood CNC router.

  1. Economic mini wood CNC router | 3 axis, 4 axis, ATC,multi-head, customized: $ 2,000- $ 10,000
  2. Best-selling wood CNC routing machine | 3, 4 or 5 axis, ATC, linear / carouseltool, rotarydevice, multi-process / design, customized: $ 3,000- $ 40,000
  3. Furniture production line | nesting cutting machine, multi-spindle, automatic loading, drill head, customized: $ 10,000-50,000

Metal CNC router

The ATC CNC router is the first choice for the largest production. This type of wood CNC machine with a separate tool box with a different tools with a traditional manual tool to change the production method.


Some wood CNC router products can process metal materials, including soft and hard metals. Metal CNC routers are mainly used in metal materials such as iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, mold steel, MDF, PVC, marble and plastic. The metal CNC is widely used in automobiles, injection molds, iron molds, and engraving mold industries.

In addition, iGOLDEN also has many CNC machines that are dedicated to cutting, engraving and engraving metal materials such as plasma tools and fiber laser cutting machines. There are also cheap CNC machines and affordable CNC routers in this class. The table below shows the price range of the CNC router of the metal CNC router.

  1. CNC router for metal materials | 3, 4 or 5 axes, ATC, T-SLOT, vacuum pump, air / water-cooled spindle, custom: $ 3,000- $ 40,000
  2. Plasma cutting machine | Start control system, torch height controller, linear rail, ball screw, pump, gear, custom: $ 5,000- $ 30,000
  1. Fiber laser cutting machine | Fiber laser head, motor, reducer, control system, water-cooled, rack, guidance, power supply, custom: $ 20,000-$ 100,000

Stone CNC router

The Stone CNC router is designed for a variety of stone processing. It is suitable for various types of stone, metal, jade, crystal, wood, artificial materials, synthetic materials, etc., etc.

The Stone CNC router is a CNC router designed for various stone CNC routers. It is suitable for engraving and engraving various types of stone. The main functions include embossed, lettering, hollow, cutting, seamless splicing, surface treatment, meter mill, etc., because in most cases, the stone to be processed is usually large, so most stone CNC routers are very Large work size, need building. Stone CNC router cost varies in different CNC router configurations, but usually more than $ 5,000. For the price range of stone CNC routers, see the table below.

  1. mini stone cutting machine | water-cooled spindle, T tone platform, Mach Control system, custom: $ 2,000-4,000
  2. Stone CNC Router Engraving Machine | 3/4 axis, ATC, Rotate, 3D engraving drill bit, multi – – substrate, custom: $ 4000-15,000
  3. Large Stone Process Center | 4/5 axis, ATC, high-speed spindle, multi-chip, rotating Trojan / linear tool change, custom: $ 15,000- $ 10,000

EPS / FOAM CNC router

EPS foam CNC router is a foam CNC machine, which is mainly used as a medium-controlled foam cutting machine for polystyrene foam engraving. It has a large working dimension, which is done in different materials engraving or cutting large work pieces. Such as wood, aluminum, polystyrene foam.

The EPS / FOAM CNC router is also the best sales CNC router for our company. The EPS / FOAM CNC router price is relatively high, usually $ 5,000 to $ 50,000. Because the EPS CNC router has a very large working size and weight. This type of CNC router can engrave, engraved and cut polystyrene foam materials, as well as wood, aluminum. It is widely used in sculptures, molds, architectural decoration applications.

For common use, you can select a basic type foam CNC router with 3 axis and universal. For heavy and long CNC router projects, you can select an ATC spindle or rotary spindle or rotary device. These will spend your additional fees. You can purchase affordable CNC routers based on your budget and project.

EPS foam CNC router | 4 axis, rotating spindle, air cooling system, ATC, automatic lubrication system, custom: $ 5,000- $ 50,000

2.3 Brand / Manufacturing State

A third main factor affecting the cost of CNC router is brand or manufacturing. CNC router brand and CNC router manufacturers around the world also have too many CNC router brands. Therefore, before purchasing CNC routers and pays prices, you must conduct some research and compare the same model CNC router for different brands. The cheap CNC router is not equal to low quality, and the price of high CNC routers is not equal to excellent performance.

In general, CNC router brands from China, Europe or North may be higher than the router prices of Southeast Asian countries in India. More importantly, CNC router machines from different brands may have different services and support, which will result in different CNC routers.

CNC router price involved other factors

In addition to the above factors related to the CNC router itself, the total amount of the CNC router also depends on other factors.

These include additional costs that will be generated while purchasing CNC routers, such as software costs, transportation, training fees, labor costs.

3.1 Packaging method

We offer different packaging methods for different types of CNC routers. Basically, the package has two layers. The internal package uses a stretched film and a plastic film for humidity, and the outer packaging is used in a standard fumigation adhesive box. But for large CNC routers, such as stone or EPS CNC routers, we usually use three layers of packaging, adding a layer of EPE pearl cotton film or PE stretch film. More importantly, we can customize packaging methods based on your requirements, which may or may not cause you extra price.

3.2 Tax rate, customs tax, freight

If you purchase a CNC router from a foreign country, the CNC router price can be relatively high. Because you need payment rate, customs, shipping and other related fees. Different countries have different tax rates and customs tariffs. Therefore, you may need to check the relevant fees for customs before purchasing CNC routers from other countries.

In addition, the CNC router machine can weigh hundreds of pounds to several tons. This can quickly increase the cost of CNC router and transportation. Transport goods have changed in different CNC routers, delivery methods (CIF, FOB), transportation distances.

3.3 Installation and commissioning costs

The CNC router is most likely to enter a few pieces, and you need to install and debug. Since some CNC router machines may be very complicated, they have a professionally with related experiences to install the machine. Almost all manufacturers or CNC router machine vendors provide technical support for installation and debugging. We also provide manual installation manuals and online video technology support. These are free. However, if you need the installation or debug on the CNC router you purchased, it will increase the CNC router cost.

3.4 Software Fee

In addition to the CNC router itself, some design packages such as CAD software and CAM software are required to program the tool path. Software is necessary, it can help you think of a CNC router to draw a more detailed drawing, which makes the CNC router know what to do. There are many packages available, which are compatible with almost any CNC router. These packages usually require annual licensing fees. This can add a few thousand dollars to CNC router COS to get a complete package.

3.5 Training fee

After installing the CNC router machine, you will be ready to develop CNC router projects. But before, you may need to learn or train your employees how to use this unit. We welcome you to our factory to learn CNC router operations, this is free. However, if you ask our technicians to provide instructions or training to your place, this may generate training costs for CNC routers. In addition, the training may occur within a few hours or more depending on your employee’s knowledge. The long-term training process can increase the total cost of the CNC router.

3.6 Repair and maintenance, parts wear

CNC router manufacturers often provide warranty. For example, we provide a 12-month warranty period. During this time, we will solve any quality problems of the CNC router. But if you need to purchase warranty or partial warranty or partial parts, you may need to pay for other fees. We offer free online installation instructions for such components and parts, but if you need a field instruction, please charge some fees. Alternatively, you can purchase components or components from your local location, or find local professionals to help you use installation or replacement. This can save some funds from the total cost of the CNC router.

3.7 Labor cost

In addition to the above, labor costs are also a factor in the total cost of CNC routers. For example, when you are ready to develop a CNC router project, you may need to make engineers to view your productivity design. If your design is defect, he will return to the suggestion to achieve some changes. More importantly, maybe other issues beyond your knowledge, you must ask for a professional to seek help. Such expertise can increase CNC router costs.

With all factors, CNC routers price can usually be $ 3,000 to $ 100,000. Prepare to buy an affordable CNC router? As a highly automated machine, the CNC router machine is not very cheap, especially the heavy model of large enterprises. Therefore, before paying the CNC router price, you should fully consider your budget, CNC router project output and all of the above factors. It is fully considering that you are ready to pay CNC router price. If you are interested in the model of any MNC router machine, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with a more detailed offer.

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