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Bridge Saw Machine 4-Axis And 5 Axis For Granite Marble

Item No.:Bridge Saw Machine 4-Axis And 5 Axis iGS-B

The bridge stone cutting machine can realize cutting, chamfering, edging, profiling, milling, drilling, slotting, rounding, circular arc and other special-shaped processing through five-axis linkage. It is simple to operate and has strong practicability. A variety of configurations are available

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CNC Stone Cutting Bridge Saw

Bridge Saw is a type of CNC machine used for cutting various materials, such as stone, granite, marble, and ceramic tiles. It is equipped with four axes of movement, allowing for precise and efficient cutting in multiple directions. The additional axis provides increased flexibility and versatility in cutting different shapes and angles.

Functions of 5-Axis Bridge cutting machine included: all kind of stone lines design, arc-edge, French edge, straight edge, bevel edge, abnormity edge, antiskid slot, dry-hang, washbasin processing and so on. “Multifunction, Cover small area, Low energy consumption, Simple operation, Accurate processing, easy and fast transformation between different functions” makes bridge saw machine 4-axis and 5 axis a sharp weapon for stone processing enterprises.Our machines are made with precision and care, ensuring that you get the most accurate cuts every time.

Bridge Saw Machine

5 axis CNC bridge saw is an automatic stone machining equipment that can complete the processing of pentahedron special-shaped curved surfaces at one time through five-axis linkage control, that is, three linear moving axes and two rotating axes.

Bridge Saw Machine 4-Axis And 5 Axis Details

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Features Of Bridge Saw Machine 4-Axis And 5 Axis For Countertop With Granite, Marble, Quartz

Through the optimization of the process parameters by the numerical control system, the product data files can be stored in modules and called manually. The ideal effect of extremely coordinated movement of each precision component is realized. The process of machine cutting stone slabs can realize automatic and intelligent cutting of stone materials through the pre-setting of the cutting coding program and the automatic operation of the cutting process, so as to achieve the mass production of stone slabs.
1. The integrated design gives the machine more advantages, such as occupying small space, easy installation and debugging, high precision, stable performance, easy operation and so on.2. Bridge, sliding rails and blade holder are built in strong and stiff cast iron for stability, durability and low resonance.
3. Cutting head rotate 90°, tilting 45° suitable for chamfering cutting.
4. 0° to 360° cutting head rotation and 0° to 90° cutting head tilting.
5. The worktable installs independently, the hydraulic console panel level 0, 45°, 90° turns. Worktable tilting vertical turn 85°, easier and safe loading raw materials.
6. The CNC bridge saw is made up of main motor, longitudinal slicing part, worktable assembly, electric control system, hydraulic system and so on.
7. The CNC bridge saw is equipped with infrared tool setting gauge, to accurately adjust the cutting size.
8. This is all-in-one machine with good stability and small floor space.

Bridge Saw Machine 4-Axis And 5 Axis Advantages:
1. The bridge stone cutting machine head can swing 360 degrees freely, and the plate can be cut at any angle and shape
2. It can be used for cutting large plate, 45 degree chamfering, pot hole, stove hole and oblique line cutting
3. The platform is turned over at 85 degrees to facilitate loading and unloading.
4. The operation is simple and the control system can input data.
5. Equipped with grinding wheel device, it can polish the table face and cutting surface

What Can 5 Axis CNC Stone Cutting Bridge Saw Do?
1. Countertop cut: blank slab cutting, rear gear cutting, reverse buckle cutting, hanging material, L-shaped table to length, corner cutting reserved, 45-degree chamfered front mouth, pot hole, stove hole, Diagonal line cutting, cutting at any angle of the wall crenel.
2. Automatic cut: Realize the import of CAD drawings, cutting completely according to the drawing style, no need to enter complex data.
3. Bridge cut: It has all the functions of bridge cutting equipment on the market.
4. Roman column cut: Cut the square Roman column main board and both sides at one time, and simultaneously chamfer 45 degrees on both sides to complete the Roman column hole cutting.
5. Arc-shaped line cut: Install the line grinding head to complete the arc-shaped line shape, and cut into a rough arc-shaped line as a whole, which requires manual polishing.
6. Concave-convex cut: According to the arc, grind out the desired convex or concave plate. It is mainly used for grinding and making curved plates of special-shaped background walls or special-shaped decorative panels.
7. Abnormity cut: To solve the problem of uneven walls, cut out asymmetric quadrilaterals or isosceles trapezoids.

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A bridge cutting saw is another name for a bridge saw, which is a type of cutting machine used in the stone fabrication industry to cut and shape stone materials. The term “bridge” refers to the horizontal bridge-like structure that supports a circular saw blade used to cut the stone material.

A bridge cutting saw is similar to other types of bridge saws, featuring a circular saw blade made of diamond-tipped segments that are designed to cut through hard stone materials with ease. The blade is mounted on a motor that moves it along a track, allowing for precise and efficient cutting of the stone material.

To use a bridge cutting saw, the stone material is placed on a table or platform that can be adjusted for height and angle. The saw blade is then lowered onto the stone material, and the motor is turned on to begin cutting. The operator can adjust the speed of the blade and the direction of the cut as needed to achieve the desired result.

Bridge cutting saws are available in different sizes and configurations, depending on the specific needs of the user. Some models may also come with additional features, such as water-cooling systems to prevent overheating and dust collection systems to minimize dust and debris generated during the cutting process.

Overall, bridge cutting saws are an essential tool in the stone fabrication industry, allowing for efficient and precise cutting of stone materials into a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Bridge cutting saws are commonly used to cut and shape a wide range of stone materials used in the construction and decoration industries. Some common materials that can be cut with a bridge cutting saw include:

  1. Granite – a hard and durable stone that is commonly used for countertops, flooring, and other decorative applications.
  2. Marble – a softer stone that is prized for its beauty and elegance, and is commonly used in sculpture and architectural applications.
  3. Limestone – a sedimentary stone that is often used for exterior cladding, flooring, and other decorative applications.
  4. Sandstone – a durable and versatile stone that is commonly used for building facades, flooring, and other decorative applications.
  5. Quartzite – a hard and durable natural stone that is often used for countertops and other high-traffic areas.
  6. Onyx – a translucent stone that is prized for its unique patterns and is commonly used for decorative applications such as wall panels and countertops.

When choosing a CNC stone cutting machine, there are several factors to consider to ensure that you select the right machine for your specific needs. Some of the key factors to consider include:

  1. Size and capacity: The size and capacity of the machine should be matched to the size and volume of the products you need to produce. You should consider the maximum size of the stone slabs you will be cutting, as well as the volume of production you require.
  2. Type of stone material: Different stone materials have different properties, such as hardness and density, which can affect the cutting process. You should choose a machine that is specifically designed for the type of stone material you will be working with.
  3. Cutting speed and accuracy: Consider the speed and accuracy of the machine, as well as the quality of the cut. You should look for a machine that can produce precise cuts at a high speed, without compromising on quality.
  4. Automation and ease of use: Look for a machine that is easy to operate and offers a high degree of automation, as this can help to increase productivity and reduce the risk of errors.
  5. Maintenance and support: Consider the level of maintenance required for the machine, as well as the availability of technical support and spare parts.
  6. Cost: Finally, consider the cost of the machine, as well as any ongoing costs such as maintenance and operating expenses. You should choose a machine that offers good value for money and fits within your budget.

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