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Several problems in improving efficiency of Wood furniture cutting machine

With the development of custom furniture, more and more furniture companies use wood furniture cutting machines instead of manual production methods to improve work efficiency, but because they just started to contact cutting machines and don’t know the industry well, there will be many customers Various problems occurred after the purchase of the machine, which affected the future use, resulting in a decrease in production efficiency. The following are the details that are easily overlooked when the wood furniture cutting machine is used:

  1. Wooden Door Making ATC CNC Router MachineThe motor used in the wood furniture cutting machine

In the use of motors, stepper motors are a kind of low efficiency (suitable for low-output woodworking engraving machines), but there are also some manufacturers who want the motors to have higher quality instead of high prices. Usually they will choose imported ones. servo motor. In the long run, considering the service life and actual production benefits, imported servo motors are the best choice.

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  1. Adsorption table top vacuum pump

When it comes to adsorption tables, we think of vacuum pumps. There are two types of vacuum pumps: air-cooled and water-cooled. Generally, imported air-cooled vacuum pumps have high suction power, but the prices are generally too high, and the actual price is not high. Water-cooled vacuum pumps are low-noise, but the use of water-cooled vacuum pumps in low temperature areas needs to pay attention to the problem of antifreeze (generally daily water or antifreeze can be added), so we can choose the appropriate vacuum pump according to their actual needs.

  1. Configured control system

For the control system, most customers think it is just some software, a system? Why is the price difference so big? But what we need to know is that CNC equipment is not only a software that can run, different functions, different configurations require the control system as a whole and control, so the quality of different control systems is different, and the computer models are also different, but due to the increase in use , System crashes, processing errors, lagging and a series of problems will almost occur, not only delays production, but also troublesome maintenance. More professional manufacturers will choose higher-end control systems, which not only operate quickly, but also have good stability.

  1. Absorption capacity

When it comes to adsorption capacity, knowledge errors must be raised. Many customers think that the watch is better and more energy-efficient to process, but in fact its adsorption effect is much better than the complete adsorption watch, and the plywood layer area cannot be opened to dispose of the waste board. The full adsorption workbench is actually a partition, not a single plate can open a separate adsorption zone to achieve the purpose of adsorption.

The above are the details that are easily overlooked when the furniture cutting machine is used. These details have an important relationship with the production efficiency. All the details should be paid attention to in the process of use.Superstar CNC woodworking furniture engraving machine adopts high-quality accessories system, the bed body is welded with square tube, and Superstar CNC has a professional R&D team, all machines have a warranty period and a professional after-sales team to help you answer and repair.

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