Industrial Wood CNC Machine For Panel Furniture

CNC Wood Router is a wood router machine controlled by the computer. It can process 2D/3D, milling, carving (relief, plane engraving, hollow carving, 3D carving), cutting, slotting and drilling of most popular wood materials and other soft materials, including woodworking crafts, wood carving, wooden marks, wooden toys, wooden gifts, cabinet making, wooden door making, wooden modelling, production of wooden furniture such as wardrobe. 

How is a Wood CNC Router used?

Common wood used for carpentry, furniture, and construction industries are:Cork: commonly used in woodworking, construction and furniture industries, popular softwood wood such as pine, cedar, cedar, spruce, and mahogany.

Hardwood: usually there are beautiful and unique wooden patterns, used in handicrafts, decoration, and furniture industries, such as oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, walnut, bamboo, and palm.
Artificial wood: also known as composite boards, such as plywood, particleboard, MDF.

<1> Furniture making:
It produces all kinds of customized furniture, including doors and windows, beds, dining tables, chairs, staircases, windows, modern furniture, office furniture, and so on.
<2> Cabinet production:
Cabinet door, cabinet, shelf, curtain wall, and other integral cabinet production.
<3> Woodworking industry:
Three-dimensional wave plate processing, wooden musical instrument processing, decoration materials processing, decoration processing, etc.
<4> Mold industry:
It can engrave all kinds of effects, such as relief, shadow, engraving, plane carving, cutting, bottom washing, and so on.
<5> Advertising industry:
Advertising signs, PVC board, Teflon board, double colour plate, logo making, acrylic cutting, plastic moulding, big word cutting, sign production, cutting PVC, crystal board, acrylic, LED/ neon groove, hole type font cutting, Blister light box mould production.
<6> Crafts industry:
Pen, photo frame, pendulum, souvenir, custom gifts, vases, water cups, and other crafts and gifts processing.
<7> Foam carving:
Lost foam, large decorative items, handicrafts, and so on.
<8> Cylindrical engraving:
Table legs, dragon pillars, escalator posts, wooden railings, and so on.

Application of 4 axis woodworking machine

Cabinet Door Processing

Composite Door Processing

Wooden Screen Hollowing

Pencil Vase Carving

Mural Relief Carving

Wooden Plate Carving

Stair Handrail Processing

Wood 3D Carving

Wood 3 Axis 4*8 CNC Router Machine for Sale

The entry-level 4 axis woodworking machine with 4th right rotary axis, perfect for carving both on flat and cylinder, the low-cost model designed by iGOLDENCNC, combined with a competitive set of configurations. Hot applications include:

Woodworking industry: 3D engraving process, wave board processing, wooden door production, MDF, solid wood furniture carving, solid wood art mural carving, top paint door carving, dragon pillar carving, round wood carving, etc;
>Advertising industry: sign making, cutting pvc, crystal and acrylic, led / rainbow light trough, hole-shaped literal cutting, plastic light box mold making;
>Crafts industry: suitable for a variety of flower carving, milling, plane carving, cutting, 3d floating carving and other crafts processing.

In CNC woodworking, many details can affect the quality, accuracy and appearance of the final woodworking project, especially the choice of CNC router tools for woodworking.

Choosing the right tool according to different processing materials and different machining processes is an important factor to ensure fast and efficient production. So what kinds of CNC router bits for woodworking are divided into? What kind of woodworking is suitable for each CNC bit?

1. Flat bottom router bits, also called column router bits, mainly rely on the side edge for carving, and the bottom edge is mainly used for flat polishing. The end face of the head of the column router bit is large, and the working efficiency is high. It is mainly used for contour cutting, milling plane, area rough carving, surface rough carving, etc.

2. Straight router bit is also a relatively common one, which is often used to carve large characters. The edge of the material cut by it is straight, which is generally used for PVC and acrylic cutting to make characters.

3. Milling cutter is the most common tool in CNC wood carving machine processing. Milling cutters are divided into many types according to their shapes. For example, double-edged spiral milling cutters used when cutting acrylic and MDF, single-edged spiral ball-end milling cutters for large deep relief processing of cork, MDF, solid wood, and acrylic. It is a prismatic milling cutter used when making high-density boards, solid wood doors, and furniture. Of course, many tool manufacturers will also make special tools according to the special requirements of many customers, such as large chip-removing spiral milling cutters that are more suitable for cutting density boards and chip removal. The round bottom cutter is more suitable for precision small relief carving.

4. Ball end router bit, the cutting edge of the ball router bit is arc-shaped, forming a hemisphere during the carving process of the CNC wood cutting machine, the process is evenly stressed and the cutting is stable. Ball cutters are not suitable for milling planes.

5. Bullnose router bit is a mixture of fluted column router bit and ball end router bit. On the one hand, it has the characteristics of a ball end router bit to carve curved surfaces, and on the other hand, it has the characteristics of a fluted column router bit and can be used for plane milling.

6. Tapered flat bottom router bits, abbreviated as tapered router bits. They have the widest range of applications in the entire carving industry. The bottom edge of the cone router bit, commonly known as the tip, is similar to a column router bit, and can be used for the finishing of small planes. The side edge of the cone router bit is inclined at a certain angle to form an inclined side surface during the carving process. The structural characteristics of the cone router bit can enable it to achieve the unique three-dimensional angle clearing effect of the carving industry. Cone router bits are mainly used for single-line carving, area rough carving, area fine carving, 3D clear angle, projection carving, image gray scale carving, etc.

7. Tapered end mill, referred to as tapered ball nose router bit. It’s a mixture of cone milling cutter and ball milling cutter. On the one hand, it has the characteristics of a cone cutter with a small tip, and on the other hand, it has the characteristics of a ball router bit, which can engrave relatively fine curved surfaces.

8. Tapered bullnose router bit is a mixture of cone router bit and bullnose router bit. On the one hand, it has the characteristics of a cone shaped router bit, which can have a smaller tip, engraving and milling relatively fine curved surfaces, and on the other hand, it has a bullnose shaper cutter. Because of its characteristics, the tapered bullnose router bit is often used for relief carving.

9. The V-Groove router bits are designed to cut deep or shallow V-shaped grooves.

10. Drill bits are mainly used for drilling. When the hole is relatively shallow, clearing bottom router bits can be used to drill holes. 

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