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Wooden door processing production line equipment

Wooden door production line equipment is an intelligent woodworking machinery and equipment for the production of customized furniture for the whole house, efficient and fast processing technology, and intelligent automatic production mode, which not only improves production efficiency, but also greatly reduces labor costs and management costs. Therefore, it has always been favored by panel furniture manufacturers. Now there are many equipment manufacturers on the market.

There are CNC equipment manufacturers with many years of research and production experience, and there are also small workshops composed of three or five assemblers. There are many manufacturers, many brands, and various models. The quality is uneven, and the price is even higher. not wait. So, as an end-use customer, how to choose a wooden door production line equipment that is more suitable for its own processing? Shandong Jiabang CNC makes a detailed analysis and introduction on this.


Advantage of the Wooden door processing production line

First of all, we must do a good job of positioning ourselves, clarify our own usage, and determine investment standards.

1.Determine the processing materials;

2.Determine whether to make the cabinet or the cabinet door, so as to choose the model;

3.Position the development of your own factory and determine the function of the purchased model.

Cabinet production lineSecondly, make clear your own processing demands, and then choose a manufacturer. Panel furniture cutting requires extremely high precision equipment, which is by no means comparable to ordinary woodworking engraving machines. Therefore, the wooden door production line does not mean that it can be slightly modified on the basis of the woodworking engraving machine. The wooden door production line requires professional mechanical design, as well as superb assembly technology. Therefore, when choosing a manufacturer, you must first understand the scale, whether there is a special designer, and a standardized assembly line.

Cabinet production line

Third, determine the intended manufacturer, and then determine whether the model produced by the lock meets the needs of its own processing. At present, the four-process cutting machine, double-station cutting machine, automatic loading and unloading production line, etc. are mainly used in the market. The four-process cutting machine has four processing spindles, which can install four tools, and automatically switch the tools according to the processing needs, which is suitable for small batches of door panels and cabinet production; the double-station adopts two countertops, which can realize uninterrupted production. Improve production efficiency, but the labor cost is higher; the automatic loading and unloading production line adopts the machining center configuration, which can realize cutting, engraving and milling, punching, etc., and greatly reduces the labor cost. Customers can choose suitable equipment according to their own funds.


Fourth, choose a good supporting software. Design and disassembly software, as the name suggests, is to design the corresponding furniture, and then divide the order, which means that the production enterprise receives an external order, the design department designs the product drawings, and then divides the drawings into parts. According to the split data, the production department will Arrange the production plan, so as to assist the production management of the enterprise. So, to make custom furniture, software is very important.


The above are the key points for custom manufacturers to purchase equipment. As long as customers grasp these points, they can purchase practical wooden door production line equipment.

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