Small Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Small Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking Machine-IGOLDENCNC

What is the Small Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

Small Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking Machine, Enclosed cabinet, protect you from laser hazard.Q-Switch or MOPA fiber laser source are optional.Suitable for metallic and non-metallic materials.It is environmental friendly and of easy maintenance.

Small Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking Machine


1.Adopts the USA RF laser generator, high speed scanning vibrating lens and extending focusing system, high precision, high speed.

2.Red light positioning system,ensure accurate positioning,avoid waste.

3.Professional marking software owns strong graphics drawing and editing funcion,enable direct marking of color graphic or marking after color convert from RGB to grey scale.

4.It is popular with it’s high precision, high speed, carving depth of random control. It can be applied to a variety of non-metal engraving. No consumables, Marking clear, not easy to wear and tear.


  • Environmental friendly, easy operation and maintenance
  • Service life able to reach 100,000 hours
  • Fits for all metal and varies non-metal materials
  • Compact design, simple interface, high precision
  • Flexible and adjustable processing direction
  • Large area cooling holes improve efficiency


1, marking content: any text or icon in English, Arabia digital, serial number, VIN number, two-dimensional code, logos, etc.;

2, character arrangement: horizontal, inclined, arc, arbitrary permutation;

3, any optional font;

4, the character size, spacing can be adjusted freely;

5, applicable materials: metal, hard alloy, ceramic, plastic etc.;

6, the bar code scanning input marking or labelling and print bar code;

7,The output data from the network 7, read

8, and other equipment to contact PLC function.


Best companion for varies industries including  jewellery, cell phone, electric appliances, kitchenware, glasses, stainless steel products, electronic components, buckles, communication apparatus… etc.

Able to engrave codes, LOGO, serial numbers..etc.

For all metals including gold, silver, copper, alloy, aluminum, steel and stainless steel. Also fits for non-metal including plastics, PVC materials and glasses.

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