Vacuum Laminating Machine

Vacuum Laminating Machine_Automatic Laminating Machine

In recent years, the convenience of vacuum laminating machine has driven the vigorous application of equipment. It can stick various films on furniture. It is a very commonly used equipment in woodworking production. Although the method of use is relatively simple, it still needs Pay attention to correct use to avoid mistakes in the process of filming, which will reduce the accuracy of the film and avoid wasting film raw materials. If you need a professional vacuum laminating machine, you can choose Jiabang CNC. The company specializes in the production and sales of laminating machine equipment, and can also provide a variety of high-quality accessories. The quality of each product produced can be guaranteed and service quality. It is also worth affirming that the sales volume shows an increasing trend every year, and it is a good manufacturer trusted by customers.

Vacuum Laminating MachineVacuum Laminating MachineWhen working with a vacuum laminating machine, the workshop must be guaranteed to be a dust-free environment, so as to avoid the existence of flying debris, which will lead to poor lamination effect. The laminating equipment should be cleaned regularly to ensure that the parts of the laminating equipment are clean and dust-free, and the dust will affect the finished effect of the laminating.

Vacuum Laminating Machine

Vacuum Laminating Machine

Large negative pressure laminating machine

Before each start-up work, a routine inspection of the laminating machine must be carried out to check whether the surface of the components is smooth and clean, and whether the machine is faulty or abnormal noise. problems that affect the operation of the job.

If the automatic laminating machine is used for too long, it must be maintained and maintained in time. Because the frequency of use of laminating equipment is relatively high, the wear and tear of mechanical parts will also be serious. Regular maintenance and maintenance can increase the automatic The life of the laminator can reduce the number of failures and save the company money on repairing and replacing equipment.

Vacuum Laminating Machine

If you have just purchased a vacuum laminating machine, when using a new machine, you should add mechanical lubricating oil before installation. New machines need to have a running-in stage. Adding lubricating oil can speed up the running-in speed, and can also be used in the running-in process. , to avoid the damage of the parts due to the transitional use. When the new machine is first used, the speed should not be too fast, so as to avoid the failure of the new machine due to incompatibility.

The automatic laminating machine can quickly coat the PVC wood grain decorative film. No matter the plane, the curved surface, or the special-shaped workpiece with complex structure and shape, the surface can be completed at one time. Rich patterns, no color difference on the surface, high finish, waterproof and moisture-proof, and firm bonding. That is to eliminate the pollution of harmful substances in the paint to the human body and the environment, and also save the cost of paint and labor costs. The shorter production period makes the product truly a high-end affordable, healthy and comfortable new environmentally friendly decorative material. After the silicone plate is installed, it is used for the lamination of thermal transfer film and single-sided veneer, and is used on various panel furniture.

Features of automatic laminating machine

The touch screen displays automatic control technology, the touch screen is easy to operate and has a high degree of automation;

Using vacuum technology double air walkway, the air performance is stable and the workpiece success rate is high;

The worktable adopts a disc structure frame, which can effectively improve the vacuum degree and reduce the phenomenon of membrane breakage;

The intermediate heating bin is fixed, the constant temperature heating system, the heating is uniform, and the dual worktables take turns in and out to save time and electricity, and save energy;

The key components of the electronic control system are configured with high temperature resistant and high insulating materials, and the operation is safe and reliable.

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