Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertops

How much is the price of a stone engraving machine

The development of stone engraving machines has brought new opportunities for artworks. So that the handicrafts that need to be engraved by hand can also be quickly engraved by the engraving machine. Stone carving is an art whose charm cannot be expressed in words. from. Hand carving requires great skill. The stone engraving machine needs the precise operation of the computer. The existence of stone engraving machine makes our life colorful and full of fun.

Quartz Stone Kitchen CountertopsDelicate stones seem to speak. Those who gain artistic talent and aesthetic taste from the history of stone carving and “stone culture” learn to discover beauty in these stubborn stones. With the development of society and the improvement of the level of science and technology, the development of the sculpture industry has further driven the development of stone carving and promoted the further improvement of the stone carving handicraft industry.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, the grade of stone carving art has gradually improved, which also puts forward higher requirements for stone carving machines. Stone carving artworks require superb skills to be carved out, so the stone engraving machine must improve the performance and the accuracy of the work in order to process the artworks better.

Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertops

Stone processing center

The hardness of the stone is higher, and the requirements for the engraving machine are also higher than other engraving materials. Therefore, relatively speaking, the performance of the stone engraving machine is also very high. The stone carving machine can be used for stone lettering, stone relief, stone Yang carving, stone Yin carving, stone line carving, stone cutting, stone hollowing, and is suitable for the carving and manufacturing of tombstone carving, stone carving crafts and other workpieces. With the increasing number of users of CNC engraving machines, stone engraving machines have also received more and more attention.

Due to the influence of the working environment, the electric spindle of the stone engraving machine will rust. If it is not treated for a long time, it will shorten the life of the spindle motor and affect the use of the stone engraving machine. Rust Solutions

Physical method to remove rust: knock, shovel, scrape, brush, sand or soft file to remove rust, oxide scale, etc. on the surface. For painters, this is a thorough rust removal method. Tools such as head hammer, wire brush, emery cloth, broken saw blade are also the easiest method.

Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertops

Chemical rust removal: You can use WD-40 cleaning lubricant, spray it evenly on the motor, and wipe off the rust on the stone engraving machine with a cotton cloth for about half an hour. If the rust is serious, you can do it a few more times. WD-40 is non-conductive and has good lubricating effect.

The above is the treatment method of the rust of the stone engraving machine, and we must pay more attention in the usual application.

The stone processing center is a high-tech equipment for computer numerical control automatic engraving. Mainly used for the processing of stone countertops. Stone countertop profiling, special-shaped processing, Roman edging, water blocking after arc processing, pot hole cutting, pot edging, polishing and other processes can also be used for stone relief carving. The stone kitchenware processing center is a high-tech equipment that adopts computer numerical control automatic engraving. Mainly used for the processing of stone countertops.

The stone processing center is a CNC machine tool that integrates edging, polishing, cutting and drilling. It aims to solve the time-consuming, labor-intensive and high-cost problems of high-end technology in the production process of countertops. Currently widely used in kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops. , Bar, special-shaped countertop processing.

Powerful functions: Roman edge, rear curved water retaining, countertop and lower basin, special-shaped cutting, grinding

Intelligent environmental protection: automatic environmental protection treatment throughout the process; construction of dust-free workshops to reject pneumoconiosis

Simple and easy to learn: ordinary workers can get started in one working day, more worry-free

Intelligent control system: Ordinary workers can operate in a short time (one to two days), without worrying too much about the adverse effects of personnel loss, and without high-end talents for programming and machine operation.

Automatic tool change system: The automatic tool change system with larger storage capacity enables the entire machining process from drilling, cutting, milling, forming, polishing, etc. to be completed at one time, fully realizing a high degree of automation.

Positioning adsorption system: The double-sided sealed suction cup system combined with a high-power suction pump + auxiliary positioning device can effectively improve the suction capacity of the suction cup and ensure that the stone does not shift during processing.

Automatic oil filling system: automatic oil filling at regular intervals, saving time and effort for machine maintenance.

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