Laser Cleaning Machine

1000W Rust And Paint Removal Laser For Metal

1000w rust and paint removal laser is the latest high-tech product. Easy to install, operate, easy to achieving automation. Plug in power,
turn on and start cleaning – without chemicals, media, dust, water.
Cleaning with no detergent, no media, no dust, no water. Auto focus, can clean curved surface, gentle cleaning surface. Cleaningresin, oil stain, rust, coating materials, paints on workpiece surface.

Laser Cleaning Machine

What is the reason why more and more consumers choose rust and paint removal laser?

Whether you’re looking for a manually loaded or fully automatic laser cleaning solution, rust and paint removal laser can remove paint, oxides, rust and other contaminants from metal surfaces. They can also improve surface adhesion through laser texturing.

Once you choose a Laser cleaning machine, it means that you have a high-quality laser source, and you can operate them continuously for at least 10 years with minimal maintenance, which is very cost-effective for production. Since our machines are powered by a high power laser cleaning system up to 500 watts, keeping up with time requirements will not be a problem.

The laser cleaning machine is built with integrated smoke management, guaranteed laser safety, local and remote support, and application-based performance optimization. Here are some reasons why more and more consumers are choosing laser cleaning machines.

Principle of rust and paint removal laser
rust and paint removal laser is to decontaminate by destroying the bonding force between the pollutants and the substrate or by directly vaporizing the pollutants, reducing the bonding strength of the pollutants and the substrate, and then cleaning the surface of the workpiece.

The entire laser cleaning process is roughly divided into four stages, namely laser gasification decomposition, laser stripping, thermal expansion of pollutant particles, substrate surface vibration, and pollutant detachment. It can achieve the best cleaning effect without damaging the surface of the substrate.

Chinese scholars Wang Manman and others have studied the differences between laser cleaning and traditional cleaning methods, independently developed a hand-held laser cleaning system, applied Ezcad software, and found that the hand-held laser cleaning system is more convenient to use and is not restricted by the working environment. , For some relatively large workpieces, it is more convenient to remove rust than the desktop, and the application field is wider.

Laser Cleaning Machine1000w rust and paint removal laser advantages:
◆ Non-contact cleaning, no damage to substrate of components;
◆ Precision cleaning, realizing selective cleaning of precise location and accurate size;
◆ No need any chemical cleaning liquid, no consumables, safety and environmental protection;
◆ Simple operation, realizing automated cleaning by hand-held or robotic arm;
◆ High cleaning efficiency, saving time;
◆ Stable laser cleaning system, Almost no maintenance requirement;
◆ Unique self-developed spiral cleaning mode.

IGOLDENCNC 1000w laser rust removal makes more uniform cleaning surface, WITHOUT zebra crossing compare with traditional laser

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