Stone Countertop Sink Processing Center

Steps to correctly operate the stone engraving machine

Before turning on the stone engraving machine, make sure that all connections between the machine tool and the computer are normal, and then turn on the power supply of the machine tool and the computer. After the system is started, enter the NCStudio CNC system.

Stone Countertop Sink Processing CenterAfter opening the control system, select the “Back to Machine Origin” menu. The machine tool will automatically return to the mechanical origin and correct the system coordinate system. In some cases, such as after the last normal shutdown, restarting and continuing the last operation, the user does not need to perform a mechanical reset operation. When NCStudio system exits normally, the current coordinate information will be saved. In addition, if the user confirms that the current location is correct, this operation may not be performed.

CNC Stone Machining Center

Before processing, the user generally needs to load the required processing program, otherwise, some functions related to automatic processing are invalid. Select “Open (F)” | “Open (O)”; menu, the Windows standard file operation dialog box will pop up, from which you can select the drive, path and file name of the file to be opened. After clicking the “Open” button, the processing program is loaded into the system.

Determine the origin of the workpiece, manually move the X and Y directions of the stone engraving machine to the desired origin position on the workpiece, select the “Set the current point as the origin of the workpiece” menu, or set the coordinate value of the current position in the coordinate window Clear to zero, so that the current position is the starting point for processing when the processing program is executed.

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