3D CNC Router improve your processing efficiency

3D CNC router is a name that has recently risen to the CNC router machine, can handle three-dimensional workpiece. The maximum advantage of the 3D CNC  is the processing of 3D products compared to ordinary 3-axis number-control engraving machines. A large number of products in our lives can be made from 3D CNC wood routers. For example, 3D advertising sign, artwork, crafts, statues, sculptures, stair handrails, architectural columns, etc.

If you want to buy a 3D CNC machine, you need to know what basic information? This article can solve your problem. It lists basic information such as the definition, classification, advantages and applications of 3D CNC woodcarving.

What is a 3D CNC router

The CNC router is an apparatus for integrating computer technology and machining technology. It uses a variety of processing techniques to cut and engrave various materials such as wood, metal, PVC, glass, plastic, acrylic acid and other materials. 3D CNC engraving machine is a CNC router that can handle three-dimensional work.

In a broad sense, any CNC engraving machine that can handle 3D CNC project can be considered a 3D CNC machine. However, the processing path is not limited to X, Y, and Z three axes. For example, a 5-axis CNC router is a 3D CNC router machine that can be processed on the X, Y, Z axis, and A and B shafts.

The working principle of the 3D CNC wood engraving machine is the same as the working principle of the ordinary CNC router. We use CNC Router Software to convert our CNC router idea to a G code that CNC Wood Router can understand. The control system controls automatic movement of three or four axes to complete the engraving work.

3D CNC Router Type

There are three types of CNC routers to handle 3D CNC projects. Therefore, ordinary 3D CNC routers are divided into three categories, namely 4-axis CNC routers, rotary axis CNC routers, and 5-axis CNC routines.

4-axis 3D CNC router

3D 4 axis CNC router refers to a 3D wood engraving machine with a rotating spindle. The 4-axis CNC router has an additional axis with the same axis of the 3-axis CNC router. The axis can rotate the spindle around the X-axis around the X-axis during operation, up to 180 degrees.

3D 4-axis wood engraving machines allow for cutting and engraving on multiple sides of the workpiece without reset, while the 3-axis CNC router can only cut and engrave one side of the same part. 4-axis CNC router machine is the preferred method of advancement, complex cutting and engraving, such as furniture, musical instruments, cabinets, etc.

4 axis 3D CNC engraving machine price ranges from $ 5,000 to $ 15,000. This is just average price range. Specific 4-axis 3D wood engraving machine price depends on the specific specifications and configuration used by the machine.

4-axis 3D CNC wood router has a wide range of wooden furniture applications, advertising logos, buildings, decoration, molds and other industries. Through the automatic tooling function, 4 axis 3D CNC router can achieve fast and free switching between various types of CNC router tools to complete complex processes.

Rotary shaft 3D CNC router

In terms of processing paths, the rotating shaft 3D CNC router is also along the 4th shaft. However, from the 4-axis CNC wood engraving machine, the spindle cannot be rotated, and the processing along the fourth axis is achieved by additional rotating means. Thus, the rotating shaft 3D CNC router is also referred to as a fourth axis CNC router, a rotating shaft CNC router or a 3D CNC router with a rotating device.

The fourth 3D timber engraving machine is similar to 4-axis CNC router, from $ 5,000 to $ 15,000. This is also a reference price range. Different options for CNC router kits and parts will result in different 3D wood engraving machine prices. In general, the smaller the size of the work, the smaller configuration, the lower the price of the machine.

Due to the rotating device, the fourth axis 3D wood engraving machine can engrave the workpiece at 360 °. Therefore, it is very good at engraving cylindrical 3D CNC projects such as tables and chairs, columns, columns, columns, doors and bed frames.

5-axis 3D CNC router

The 5-axis 3D CNC router also has three basic axes (X, Y, Y, and Z), and two additional rotating shafts – shafts rotate around the X-axis, and the B shaft rotates around the Y axis. This double-rotating function allows for engraving on five sides of the material. Therefore, the 5-axis CNC router is a 3D CNC router machine in a true sense.

Since the 5-axis 3D CNC engraving machine has relatively high machining requirements, its spindle, motor, drive, inverter, and other electrical components typically use high power. Other CNC router kits or parts also use high quality or imported brand products. With advanced technology and high-quality parts, 5 axis 3D wood engraving machines are relatively high, approximately from $ 30,000 to $ 120,000.

If your company has sufficient budget and mass productivity and sales, the 5-axis CNC router will undoubtedly further improve your work efficiency and output. But common SMEs often can’t afford this price. Fortunately, the 4-axis and rotary shaft 3D CNC machine can meet their requirements well.

5-axis CNC routers are often used to cut a large 3D strength of cars, aerospace, ships, furniture and molding industries.

Best 3D CNC Router Machine for Sale

After understanding the basic information of the 3D CNC machine, I want to introduce four best 3D CNC machines from the blue elephant. Blue Elephant has been committed to R & D, more than 10 years of CNC devices. Its products are exported to more than 130 countries and regions around the world. Guarantee product quality and after-sales service.

4 axis CNC router, with rotary device 3D workpiece


The 3D CNC machine combines a rotating spindle and a rotating device. It can do 2D and 3D engraving and cylindrical workpiece engraving work. For example, cabinet doors, door frames, bedside boards with complex engraving patterns, stair handrails, tables and chairs, columns, pillars, etc.




3D CNC wood engraving machine with ATC HSD spindle


This CNC wood router has a large working area of ​​2000x5000x600mm, suitable for craft large wooden boards. In addition, it is equipped with a rotating spindle and a rotating wood automatic trovetometer. Therefore, this 3D CNC wood engraving machine can change to up to 12 CNC routers during processing. This greatly improves work efficiency.



Economic efficient stone CNC engraving machine with rotating device


This is a 1325 3D CNC machine for engraving stone workpieces. Strong and rigid bed structure ensures vibration and deformation of heavy and long-term engraving operations. It is also equipped with a rotating device for engraving cylindrical stone statues and components.




5-axis 3D CNC router for wood, foam and plastic



This is one of the most advanced 5-axis 3D CNC routers, with the latest design and appearance. It is equipped with two German DMASS spindles and two movable workbenches that can be carved simultaneously. This also increases the work efficiency.


CNC routers have a wide range of applications in various three-dimensional works. Any CNC engraving machine that can handle 3D products can be considered a 3D CNC machine. For example, a 4 axis CNC router, the fourth axis CNC router, and a 5-axis CNC router. 3D CNC engraving machines can have different configurations and specifications based on your specific machining requirements. Therefore, 3D wood engraving machine changes great.

The 4-axis and rotary shaft 3D CNC routers are about $ 5,000 to $ 15,000, while the 5-axis number of routers are about $ 30,000 to # 120,000. Therefore, 4 axis and rotary shafts CNC wood routers are suitable for medium-sized manufacturing companies smaller than medium productivity. 5-axis 3D wood engraving machine is more suitable for high productivity and sales of high-tech manufacturing companies.

If you have any questions when you choose 3D CNC wood engraving, you can ask us directly. We will recommend a 3D CNC wood engraving machine with the configuration that is best for you.

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