CNC Stone Machining Center

Stone Marble Cutting Machine for Countertop machining

The stone marble cutting machine can process different types of stones.

The most commonly used stone is granite. Marble is also the material of choice.

Several factors need to be considered to achieve a perfectly positioned counter.

  • Sink hole
  • Perfect seams
  • The cabinet position can be correctly placed in granite/slate

The stone is very heavy and needs enough support because the kitchen cabinets must be used for a long time. in my life

Aligning and cutting the sink opening is a key part of kitchen function and decoration. You can find more information about hard surface cutting solutions.

The last is the treatment of the edge of the workbench. There are several edge treatments, such as

  • Semi-circle
  • carry out
  • Semicircle with inclined bottom
  • Full chamfer

The stone slab is installed on the worktable of stone marble cutting machine, which is a multifunctional machine for stone machine center operations.


Using this sturdy and durable marble cutting machine for processing can balance accuracy and speed.

Cut the stone slab and trim the edges according to the picture. Drill a gap in the sink below and a hole in the faucet.

Since the sink installed from below is perfectly matched, and the semi-circular edge under the sink can be perfectly matched, the reason for the above accurate measurement is obvious.

The polished rough slate back and protruding bottom will give a soft feeling.

In order to make the joint as perfect as possible, stone marble cutting machine use polishing tools to smooth the joint surface.

In quartz, granite or artificial marble, the size of the counter is 2 cm and 3 cm.

Since the sturdy spindle is easy to form and process, it can be used for inclined sawing.

Using a higher spindle can transmit more torque at a lower speed (revolutions per minute). This provides additional functions for polishing, brushing and texturing different stones.

IGOLDENCNC machine is equipped with NC Studio control system or DSP handle controller or Syntec PC platform.

The stone marble cutting machine has a speed of 24,000 rpm and is equipped with a water cooling system, which is very suitable for desktop production.

Since the sturdy frame uses extra-thick steel pipes for tempering, the sturdy frame enables the machine to have a high tolerance of ±0.05mm (millimeters) on heavy-duty stone cutting machines.

In order to facilitate the movement of slate, the machine table is equipped with a cooling plate with rollers.

Please see the following video of stone cutting machine:

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