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Advantages Of Rust Removal Machine 1000w Rust Cleaning Laser

Laser cleaning is a new type of cleaning process, which has a good effect on metal surface treatment and high efficiency. IGOLDENCNC laser cleaning will open its market.

 Rust Removal Machine 100w Rust Cleaning Laser

Rust removal machine 1000w rust cleaning laser is a new generation of surface cleaning and high-tech products. It is easy to install, operate and automate. When the machine is powered on and turned on, you do not need to add any chemicals, dust, water, or media to clean it. This handheld laser rust removal machine can not only remove surface resin, stains, grease, dirt, coating, etc., but also auto focus.

Features of rust removal machine 1000w rust cleaning laser :
– Revolutionary eco-friendly cleaning technology
– Non-contact cleaning, no damage to work piece
– Precision positioning, selective cleaning
– Safe & environment-friendly. Without using chemical detergent or other consumables
– Easy to operate, with portable mode and could be equipped with robot for automatic cleaning
– High efficiency, time-saving
– Stable laser cleaning system, practically maintenance free

Advantages Of rust removal machine 1000w rust cleaning laser :

1. Non-contact cleaning, no cleaning chemicals
Laser cleaning uses high energy laser beam to illuminate the workpiece surface to be cleaned, through selective vaporization, ablation, shock wave, thermal elasticity and other effects to remove pollutants from the workpiece surface. There is no cleaning chemicals in the cleaning process, which can avoid serious substrate damage (particle cleaning), medium residue (chemical cleaning) and other problems in the traditional cleaning, and reduce the damage of the substrate to an acceptable range.

2. Environment friendly
Dust generated by laser cleaning can be collected by dust collector. It’s easy to handle. There is no secondary residue, which will Minimize the impact on the environment.

3. Diversified operation modes
Laser cleaning can be divided into hand-held and automatic cleaning. Hand-held cleaning is conducted by the operator who carries the mobile laser cleaning equipment and holds the laser gun to do the cleaning work. Automatic laser cleaning system integrates the manipulator, crawling robot, AGV and other equipment, which can achieve accurate and efficient cleaning.

4. Clean a variety of types of pollutants
No matter the material to be removed is organic matter, metal, oxide or inorganic nonmetal, laser cleaning can remove it. This is an advantage that any other traditional method does not have, making it widely used in the removal of surface dirt, paint, rust, film layer and other fields.

5. Low operating costs
Laser cleaning does not use consumables. Comparing to the traditional ways of cleaning, laser cleaning has its advantage on this matter.
Laser cleaning belongs to a kind of environmental protection cleaning process. The residue after laser cleaning is solid. A set of dust collection system can handle the residue, which is quite convenient. The cost is cheaper than water blasting.

Handheld Fiber Laser Cleaning MachineAt the moment, the most common laser cleaning applications include:
Welding pre-treatments to remove rust and other contaminants from welding areas
Welding post-treatments to remove aluminum and stainless-steel oxides
Laser surface preparation to maximize paint adhesion
Laser oxide removal from specialty alloy ingots
Coating removal just after the coating process to replace part masking in production lines
Depainting parts that would otherwise be scrapped due to paint defects

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