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stone engraving machineFor those in the processing industry, the number of products processed per unit time affects the cost and profit of the product. The same is true for stone engraving machines, so how can we improve processing efficiency and minimize processing costs?

For our friends who do stone carving, the main point is to determine a reasonable cutting amount according to the hardness of the carving material and the performance of the stone carving tool, which is what we usually call the depth of the lower knife for each layer. The tool of each material will have a large amount of knife. When we use the stone engraving machine for processing, we try not to use the large amount of knife for processing. If it is processed for a long time, the tool will be damaged faster. Moreover, the speed cannot be improved when processing with a large amount of knife, and the knife may break if the speed is too fast. Therefore, we might as well set the cutting amount to a large 2/3, so that the tool life will be greatly increased, and the processing speed can be improved a lot; in this way, it can not only save the tool cost, but also improve the processing efficiency.

stone engraving machine

Stone processing center

We can also perform rough machining first and then finish machining according to the actual situation. When rough machining, remove all the allowance as much as possible to save finishing time; we can also use tool materials with better machining performance. The performance of the stone engraving machine is not only reflected in the hardware configuration of the machine, but also requires us to accumulate processing experience bit by bit to improve processing efficiency

How to check and clean the stone engraving machine

There is a lot of dust in the working process of the stone engraving machine. Some users will think that the stone engraving machine itself is a machine used in dust, and it is very troublesome to clean it every day. Therefore, many people not only do not clean up, but also allow the machine to be full of things, which will seriously affect the performance and normal work of the stone engraving machine.

Several aspects of stone engraving machine inspection and cleaning:

Inspection and cleaning of the computer of the stone engraving machine

Computer abnormality will also cause many problems, especially the computer connected to the engraving machine, it is necessary to regularly check the computer and clean up viruses and computer space.

Check and kill the virus regularly, but pay attention not to open the anti-virus level when working, which will cause interference.

Regularly clean the dust of the chassis, pay attention to the heat dissipation of the chassis, and be careful that too much dust may cause errors in the industrial control card.

Regularly defragment the disk and optimize the computer system.

Inspection and cleaning of water in stone engraving machine

When the stone engraving machine is not in use, if the room temperature is low, it is best to pour out the water in the water tank to prevent the water tank and water pipes from freezing and cracking.

Clean and replace the water in the spindle motor and water pump in time every week to ensure the cleanness of the water; especially when the equipment is not used in winter, the cooling water of the spindle must be cleaned in time to prevent the spindle from being damaged by low temperature freezing, delaying normal use, and causing unnecessary losses.

Pay attention to the water level, and never cause the water-cooled spindle motor to be short of water, so that the motor heat cannot be exported in time.

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