Bridge Saw Cutting Machine

How to operate bridge saw machine for cutting stone

How to operate bridge saw machine for cutting stone

When industry professionals have some very big tail, like a huge granite or marble flat, they often rely on the bridge saw machine and cut it easier to manage feasible fragments. According to the needs of each person or company, the stone cutting bridge saw blade takes a variety of sizes. In many cases, they are on a lot of feet to adapt to large blocks and similar materials. In this article, we will discuss the basic functions and settings of the bridge saw, and information about how to operate the bridge saw.

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What is a bridge saw machine?

Bridge saw machine for industrial masonry and stone cutting, they get their name from their shape. If you endure and view this type of machine, you will see it is actually a bridge, two ones have two posts or support, through a bridge across a few feet. The connecting bridge is the track of the saw cut head movement. This means that the size of the slate that can be cut is limited to the width of the bridge.

As with all masonings and stone cutting saws, the bridge is mounted with diamond blades to grind material, while the water pump system flows water on the blade and stone during the cutting process to keep the blade cool and minimize dust.

When the bridge saw machine is stone cut, the cutting head and the diamond blade will move on the “bridge”, follow granites, marble or other materials.

How to operate the bridge saw machine?

The first step of operating the bridge is to use for stone cutting that the machine’s appropriate settings and safety checks are used. This includes ensuring that the diamond blade installed on the saw is suitable for any type of stone, the correct size of the bridge saw, is also properly installed. You should also check the pump, as well as any power cord, cable or belt, and the applicable motor, oil and gasoline level.

It is also the bridge to see the operator’s responsibility to wear suitable personal protective equipment, and ensure that other people nearby are protected.

When cutting, the stone should be placed on the table below the bridge saw machine. The blade should be aligned with the mark to be cut. First, the power supply is powered on the water pump, double inspection of water flows freely on the blade. Then you can open the blade.

At this point, each manufacturer and bridge model will have a different operational program, and you should consult the user manual. But usually, these machines run on a semi-automatic program. The operator tells the cutting head with the control panel of the SAW to move down to the stone, pass through the bridge until it reaches the other side. In some cases, you can set the cutting head during cleavage to cut the height of cutting to control the cutting depth.

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