Six Sides Cnc Drilling Machine

The difference between CNC six-sided drill and five-sided drill for panel furniture

CNC five-sided and six-sided drills are mainly used to solve the hole position process in the production of panel furniture. At present, there are many equipments that can solve the problem of workpiece hole position, such as traditional multi-row drilling, CNC five-sided drilling, CNC six-sided drilling, PTP single-sided drilling, etc. arm. Now, use CNC equipment to make custom board shapes and CNC drilling equipment. Commonly used are CNC five-sided drilling and six-sided drilling, both of which need to scan labels to punch holes. The front hole and the four side holes, the remaining rear holes need to be copied manually, so it is called five-sided drilling. Six-sided drilling means that the machine tool can clamp the workpiece once, and the processing of all holes and four side holes on the front and back of the workpiece can be completed, so it is called six-sided drilling.

In the production and processing of panel furniture such as wardrobes, cabinets, and planks, drilling, grooving and other processes are inseparable. At present, there are a variety of CNC drilling equipment in the industry, which can realize double-sided, four-sided and six-sided drilling. During the processing of the existing CNC six-sided drilling, only two clamping jaws are needed to complete the work of pressing, feeding, processing positioning, and discharging. When machining long workpieces, since the plates are often bent and unequal, in order to ensure the accuracy of vertical drilling and horizontal drilling, the two fixtures need to maintain a certain distance from the machining tool during the machining process. To complete the processing of long plate workpieces, it is necessary to switch the clamping jaws and adjust the clamping position multiple times, which will cause cumulative errors in feed and processing positioning.

Six Sides Cnc Drilling MachineThe benefits of using CNC six-sided drills

  1. It is more intelligent and has a higher degree of automation. As the name suggests, the CNC six-sided drill can punch six faces at a time. Compared with the previous drilling method, it is more convenient and quicker and has a higher degree of automation.
  2. The power is higher, about 260 square meters can be processed evenly in 8 hours, and the processing power is much higher than that of the side hole machine.
  3. Higher precision. Using CNC six-sided drilling, no drilling is required in the cutting process. All the holes in the cabinet are drilled on the five sides after the edge sealing. It is much higher than the cooperation of two devices.
  4. Wider application range. The CNC six-sided drill can be connected not only to the cutting machine, but also to the electronic saw. The connection with the production equipment of the factory is more flexible, and it will not cause waste of equipment update.
  5. The technology is more advanced. With the continuous update and application of six-sided drilling, the technology is becoming more and more mature, gradually replacing the traditional drilling method and becoming the mainstream of the market.

Six Sides CNC Drilling Machine

According to the advantages of CNC six-sided drilling, CNC six-sided drilling will become more and more widely, and more and more customers will choose this method.


CNC six-sided drilling, complete six-sided machining, grooving and milling at one time. Simple operation, flexible use, without manual intervention. Linkage processing of hinge holes can be carried out, and double-sided mirror processing can be carried out within a certain thickness range. IG6-1224 is a professional high-speed comprehensive drilling machine independently developed by Jiabang CNC. Professional customized drill row to achieve minimum avoidance and fundamentally improve drilling speed; original peeling function, smoother drilling, maximized sheet yield; double-drive slotting speed is faster; can process double-layer boards at the same time, in large quantities The production efficiency is maximized; the high-end air-floating table, the processing is more accurate; the direction of the plate is automatically optimized to realize the front and rear discharge.


The advantages of CNC six-sided drilling:

  1. The operation is safe and reliable, the interface is friendly and tidy, and the operation tips and troubleshooting guides are complete.
  2. You can edit and manage drilling plans, draw drilling tasks, and perform actual operations.
  3. Using multi-axis linkage technology, when the machine tool is processing the workpiece, the feeding mechanism and the drilling mechanism are multi-axis linkage at the same time to achieve fast and efficient drilling, and one processing can complete all five holes and grooves.

4 Independent research and development of AI algorithms to build the optimal path, reduce holding hands and avoidance, and greatly improve the efficiency of punching.

  1. Break the tradition and adjust the process reasonably to adjust the speed of each drill bit according to the size of the drill bit, so as to reduce the phenomenon of edge bursting.

6 Continuous code scanning, support barcode and QR code scanning, automatically load processing graphics files and automatically generate paths, saving the overall processing time of plate making.

  1. Support the existing order splitting software format on the market, seamless connection. mpr, xml, xxl, ban, ingo

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